Design and style changes to the traditional cowboy hats are driving more women towards it

The traditional cowboy hat of the 1860s does not exist anymore, and what we see today as cowboy hats are quite different in the design while the style elements are more or less the same. The difference is more glaring when you look at women’s western hats, which are now highly popular and available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Cowboy hats for women are highly fashionable, and some designs look so beautiful that women cannot resist the temptation of experimenting with them. Interestingly, some cowboy hat styles are now available suit both men and women. Hats that once were for cowboys have erased the gender lines, and as women are endorsing these in a big way, these hats are more fashion-oriented than functional. The shift seems obvious in an urban setting as the need for protection is much less. 

Cowboy hats have become more versatile

As the love for cowboy hats among women is growing, the stylish and highly functional hats have become more versatile from the fashion perspective. The handsome hat with an oval-shaped brim with the traditional curve and indented crown and a typical male appeal has now become much smaller to suit the petite body of women.  The picture of a sturdy man in cowboy hats riding a horse across the rough and rugged terrains of the Wild West is now the stuff for movies and comic strips. In reality, cowboy hats are much more fashionable in their design, with some feminine touches that make them attractive for women.  However, the exclusive outdoor hats have become so versatile to meet the demands of fashion that you can wear them anywhere from a ranch or rodeo to a grocery store and even a nightclub at any time of the day.

Here are some common styles of cowboy hats suitable for women, but men too can experiment with them.

Cowboy hats with embellishments

 Adding embellishments to cowboy hats is nothing new because if you look at the style of men’s cowboy hats of the earlier times, some embellishment in the hats should not escape your attention.  The embellishment was like a badge that helped identify the ranch or region to which the person belonged. Today, the decorations express your style, and more numbers and types of embellishments are used in modern cowboy hats. In addition, the hat colors are much more vibrant than the demure colors like black, brown, beige, or other neutral shades, which makes the hats perfect for women. The embellishments in women’s cowboy hats are entirely different because it helps to add more feminine appeal to the hats. Beads, braids, gemstones, and leather straps placed beside the hatband decorate the hats and create exclusive feminine looks. 

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Outdoor cowboy hats

Although most people look upon cowboy hats as outdoor hats, some are suitable for wearing at clubs and parties, while some other hats are especially for outdoor adventures. The hat materials are special, and the hat color does not fade in the sun and can withstand the rugged outdoor conditions due to the waterproof material that prevents the hat from getting soggy. Made from water-resistant wool, these hats are crushable. Wax cloth and fur are ideal for making cowboy hats worn in colder climates to keep your head warm during the chilly nights. 

Cowboy hats that look like Panama hats

The Panama hat is a lightweight, breathable hat made from the toquilla straw of Ecuador, which is also the country of origin of the hat. The light-colored hats are ideal for beach holidays. The evolution of the cowboy hat style inspired hat designers to fuse some elements of the Panama hat with the features of the cowboy hat to create a hybrid but look more like a cowboy hat.   Depending on the decorations of the hat, men and women can wear the hat of their preferred style.  

Leather cowboy hats

To create luxurious looks, you must choose leather cowboy hats that are long-time investments worth the money. Besides the good looks, the hats are tough and have long life no matter how frequently you wear them. However, you must take good care of leather cowboy hats to maintain their looks and know the right maintenance techniques to enjoy their long life. Proper hat handling and protecting it from water are critically important because water can damage leather and change the hat’s shape. Making the leather waterproof by some special technique can save your leather cowboy hat and ensure its longevity.

Rancher cowboy hats

Rancher cowboy hats are different from traditional cowboy hats by the more rounded, stiff, flat brims. Rancher hats have a Fedora-like crown with the typical front pinch of the creased crown. Some Rancher hats have a unique identification mark due to the pointed indent on the crown.

Cowboy hats are stylish and no matter which hat you choose, match it with your body and facial features and the skin tone to make it look great.

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