How to refill a paintball tank

If the air tank of your paintball gun runs out in the middle of the game.  Then what should you do? Of course you have to refill it and then start the game again.  However an air tank air tank typically operates at 4000 to 5000 psi or pounds per square inch.

A tire inflator should not be used to refill your own paintball air tank.

First you need to know what to use for an air  tank refill.  Paintball gun air tanks can be refilled using special air compressors.  If a person usually plays the game he can buy air tanks for personal use. Air compressors can be used at low cost.  If a person has ever filled a flat tire, refilling the tank will seem easy to him without any problem.  Nowadays the convenient gauges that come with air compressors have made them easy to fill.

First we need to know the type of proprietary tank, then we need to take step by step instructions on how to refill the tank.  There are three main types of tanks: HPA, CO2 and Pure Nitrogen

 The first tank I will talk about is HPA or high pressure compressed air tank.  They contain highly pressurized oxygen.  The largest ones are about 5,000 psi capable of delivering high-powered shots on the field  The second tank is filled with CO2 or compressed carbon dioxide.  CO2 is in liquid form most of the time.  But it turns into gas when the trigger of a paintball gun is pulled.

 Now the last thing we will talk about is that there is a pure nitrogen tank which is very rare.  This type of tank can be a little difficult to refill.  That’s why I think it’s better to stick to HPA or CO2.

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Do you know how to fill a paintball tank? Now I will discuss how to refill a paintball tank:

To refill a paintball tank, you must first find the tank PSI.  Usually there is a maximum of 4500 PSI so no more PSI is required.

 If you have a CO2 tank, you need to stabilize the temperature inside the tank for use. In this case, it can be refrigerated.  This will make it easier to fill in completely.

 Phil then needs to be attached to the breast.  A closer look at the attachment to the air tank reveals that there should be a dark small O-ring.  By attaching the ring to the tank, the ring will play a role in preventing air from escaping.  The tank must have a ring so that air does not pass through the small surface.

Then slowly fill the tank.  Once the attachment is confirmed, the air must be slowly released into the tank by pressing on the lever of the compressor.  The lever or button should not be pressed everywhere.  Filling should be slow and sure.  As soon as it is refilled, the gauge sweetie should be removed at the top.  Before using the tank, you need to be sure which category the SOT belongs to.

There will be two gauges, one attached to the user’s gun and the other to his air compressor.  Must see both gauges.  Then a hot fill must be prevented.  Feeling too fast or hot is a major mistake

 This air must be released through a release valve attached to the air compressor. After releasing the pressure, the hose should be detached from the filled nipple.

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