Coronavirus Certificate Verification Solution – New Restrictions on Airports

Coronavirus cases are accumulating drastically from 2020, November till the current day. The new sun is bringing new corona cases in the whole world, as it is estimated that till today’s date 118,186 new cases are recorded. Due to this reason, new travel restrictions are imposed from now more strictly worldwide. Italy, Greece, France, and Germany have strict regulations from now for traveling purposes, as they have adopted manual verification of all arrival and departure travelers at airports. But, this traditional verification is incompetent in this digital advanced world for that new automated regulations are introduced that can serve travel industries for accurate and fast covid certificate verification.

New Regulations in all Travel Industries

The governments of different countries have imposed new regulations on all travel stations due to the spread of coronavirus and its variants. For the verification of the passengers’ negative covid report is examined to ensure that the person is not covid infected. All countries are following strict travel regulations such as;

United Kingdom

The robust regulations are now imposing in the UK for the safety of the citizens, due to a new lethal variant of coronavirus B.1.1.7. According to a report by CDC, these new variants are affecting human health drastically because of which all states are under lockdown. Amongst all, only travel industries have to patiently bear many regulations, and everyone is permitted to travel to/from the UK by following all laws. The law enforcement agencies, all passengers are bound to submit their negative covid report on arrival and the report should not be older than three days. Without covid certificate verification, no passenger will grant permission to stay in the UK and travel within the UK. Moreover, like the UK there are several countries that introduced a law of covid verification.


Only the people who are coming from the UK are allowed to enter Italy, under absolute necessity which must be declared in written form that this travel is just for the official purpose. Moreover, the passenger is bound to submit a negative covid test report and have to take a robust covid test on arrival at the airport too. Other than this, arriving entities are bound to quarantine for 14 days regardless of the report of the test.


The residents of France are only permitted to travel for essential purposes. All the passengers who are coming from the UK are bound to show their negative coronavirus certificate verification. This rule is also for all children over the age of 11 and the test must be done before three days not more than it. Furthermore, the arrivals from the UK have to state that they are not going through any symptoms of coronavirus, and either has not been with any individual who is suffering from any minor symptom of this virus. Moreover, the passenger is bound to show a covid certificate that states an authentic reason for traveling.

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Remote enrollment is considered important and the credentials must be shown to the authorities. The people who arrive from the countries have high risks of covid, are bound to quarantine themselves for 10 days. However, if a digital vaccine certificate verification is performed at the airport and the result comes negative then the quarantine can end in 5 days.


In Greece, passengers are bound to complete the passenger locator form (PLP) at least 24 hours before traveling. In case, if an individual does complete the requirements mentioned on the form will have to pay a heavy penalty of 500 Euro or the Greek authorities will not grant them permission to enter the country. When passengers arrive at the airport, they are bound to have a covid test and 10 days of isolation is also mandatory for all individuals no matter what will be the result of the test.

Digital Covid Pass-AI-Powered Covid Certificate Verification

Digital covid pass efficiently helps in the verification of customers in less time and with accurate results. It reduces the stress of work on airport staff members and eliminates human errors. All systems can now feel convenient in scanning the covid reports in bulk. The examination of the information is done through MRZ or QR code with the help of AI-powered OCR. if someone submits a fake report, he will be identified in no time and provide high-level safety.

Final Thoughts

Due to the increase in covid cases travel sectors has to follow a number of regulations for the safety of residentials. The identification of coronavirus variants in all states is mandatory for all passengers and individuals who are not allowed to travel without any professional reasons. On arrival coronavirus test is also done at the airport and all passengers are bound to quarantine no matters what the results would be. In short, a coronavirus certificate verification solution is mandatory for traveling worldwide.

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