9 Top Desserts You Must Try in Sunshine Coast Bakeries

Sunshine Coast is a region in South East Queensland, Australia with both rural and urban characteristics. Known for its white-sand beaches and breathtaking, clean waterways which sit alongside large rainforests with lush greenery, Sunshine Coast is a beautiful and historic town with friendly people. 

Sunshine Coast has a vast array of nice dishes. For people who are new to the town, you might be craving some nice treats, and the thought of “how to find commercial bakeries near me” might ring in your head. You might also be considering making some research on the various types of desserts available on the Sunshine Coast.

However, that wouldn’t be a problem anymore as we’ve prepared a list of famous delicious Australian treats you can buy at any bakery on the Sunshine Coast anytime you want. Read to the end!

What Are the Best Treats Sunshine Coast Has to Offer?

Every commercial bakery on Sunshine Coast differs in its menu selection mainly because some of them have special treats associated with just the bakery in particular. However, there are some extremely special treats that you can find at most bakeries on Sunshine Coast. These desserts are always in demand and thereby readily available for sale at all times. They include the following:

Fairy Bread

Fairy bread is basically a slice of white bread spread with margarine or butter and topped with colourful sprinkles. The colourful sprinkles used to prepare fairy bread are commonly known as hundreds and thousands in Australia.

Fairy bread is suitable for kids and is always a classic treat at kids’ parties in Australia. It’s normally cut into triangles before selling and is a delicious dessert.

For people who don’t like butter, there are other variants that can be used, such as Nutella or peanut butter. Icing sugar can also be added to Fairy bread for those with a sweet tooth.

Commercial bakeries on Sunshine Coast always have fairy bread available all year round because it’s a popular and highly sought after Australian dish. Fairy bread is nothing really fancy, but everyone loves it.

Vanilla Slice

The famous vanilla slice consists of a flaky pastry combined with vanilla custard in between and is often topped with a chocolate, strawberry or mocha icing. Classic vanilla slice is one of the best Australian bakery treats and is always available at commercial bakeries in bulk.

This treat is the Australian version of the French dessert “Mille Feuille,” also known as Napoleon pastry sheets. A good vanilla slice always has a good custard filling and is also tasty. It’s best served with a nice cup of tea. 

Lamington Cake

The Lamington cake is an iconic Australian cake which can be made from either butter cake or sponge cake, with the outer portion of the cake glazed with chocolate sauce and covered with desiccated coconut. There are different variations of the filling. You can have a traditional filling, a strawberry jam filling and also a cream filling between the slices of the cake.

It’s always advisable to purchase Lamington cake at a commercial bakery on the Sunshine coast rather than supermarkets because they’re always fresher and tastier. Lamington cake is also a popular dessert eaten during Australia day celebrations.

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Golden Gaytime

Golden Gaytime is a popular type of ice cream in Australia. It’s produced by a company known as “streets” in Australia and is called cookie crumble in New Zealand. Golden Gaytime is a toffee flavoured ice cream dipped in chocolate and coated with biscuit crumbs. 

The name Golden Gaytime signifies having a good time. There are also about nine other flavours including vanilla and coco pops. Golden Gaytime is available at various stores on Sunshine Coast.

The Pavlova

The Australian classic Pavlova is a meringue-based cake prepared using egg whites. Australians usually make this kind of cake during celebrations, especially during summertime and Australian day. 

You can use any fruit in season as your toppings, such as strawberries and bananas. However, you need to ensure you put a layer of cream before the fruit topping.

The Pavlova is a tasty cake and the unique combination with nice fruit toppings such as blueberries and kiwi makes it a beautiful dish.

Jelly Slice

Jelly slice is prepared by blending plain biscuits with melted butter and ground cinnamon, a creamy delicious condensed milk filling, and then a red raspberry jelly topping. It has a triple-layer and is a classic old fashioned slice. 

Jelly slice is a perfect treat for breakfast, dessert and also birthday parties due to its light, delicious and creamy taste. You don’t have to limit yourself while eating because it isn’t a heavy meal in any way. Jelly slice is loved by kids and adults alike and is available at various bakeries on Sunshine Coast.

Hot Chocolate Mousse Cob Dip

Hot Chocolate Mousse cob dip is prepared with a dark chocolate, thickened cream and marshmallow mixture, which is inserted into a cob loaf and further microwaved. It’s a widely loved delicacy.

Chocolate Mousse can be enjoyed with dippings such as chocolate chips, grated chocolate and wafers.

Beetroot Cake With Orange Frosting

The Australian Beetroot cake is a go-to dessert for those who are on a diet or who want to live a healthy lifestyle. This spicy cake consists of grated beetroot with apple sauce and oranges, giving a nice twist to the popular carrot cake. 

The beetroot cake is covered with an orange flavoured topping along with passionfruit. It’s one of the best desserts available and is healthy as well.

Chocolate Crackles

Chocolate Crackles consist of cocoa, sugar, Kellogg’s Rice crispies and coconut oil which are mixed together in a bowl, placed into pie cake cases and subsequently put in a refrigerator. 

Chocolate Crackles may not be aesthetically pleasing but they’re tasty and also a children’s party favour. 

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You have to try a few of the treats we’ve listed for you anytime you’re on the Sunshine Coast. For baked treats, consider visiting this commercial bakery Sunshine Coast.

A meal is always incomplete without a tasty treat to stimulate your appetite. Therefore, ensure you pick your favourite desserts and enjoy yourself.

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