How Many Types of concentrate packaging?

When it comes to the packaging realm, there are some packages that completely comply with your needs. Concentrate packaging is one of those boxes and comes with some exquisite customization and printing with cutting-edge technologies. They carry some essential features that work to enhance your overall brand experience. From a presentation on the shelves to the safe delivery of the concentrates, they work perfectly to maintain the quality. They have several different types, and each type has its own specification and impact on the target market. Let us dig deep and find out how different types of these boxes protect the concentrates while also providing a good branding experience.

Full overlap boxes:

These are the most utilized types of concentrate boxes due to their heavy-duty nature. Talking about their structure, they have flaps that spread out to the opposite side upon folding. The flaps completely overlap each other that going on to add to the strength of the boxes. Other than the structural strength, they also have a great compressive and tensile strength. They can easily absorb all the physical impacts, and even the application of some heavy loads cannot deform their structure. The credit to their strength goes to their manufacturing from corrugated cardboard that is resistant to moisture as well. This is why these packages are widely used in the shipping and storage of some heavy concentrates or other CBD products.

Roll end tuck top boxes:

These types of custom concentrate boxes have a tray-like structure and have a lid that tucks into the top. The front side of the lid is called the tuck top, while the adjacent sides are known as flaps. The tuck top tends to tuck in just behind the front panel of the packages. The flaps serve a great deal in adding padding to the packages and restricting any entry of dust. They are not so expensive since there is no need to use additional materials such as glue, tape, and so on. The ends can be folded and tucked in the front for the complete closing of these packaging boxes. Their design is so smooth that they do not open unless or until someone tries so. For a perfect opening, a thumb notch can be added. As compared to other types, they are slightly easy and faster to assemble.

Shoulder boxes:

This type of custom concentrate box is not seen quite often in the market. That makes it quite interesting and eye-catching whenever you see it. Coming to its structure, it has a lid and a base that does not completely meet. Both parts of the packages are held together by a shoulder situated at the base. Their application in the product presentation is enormous as they have endless design possibilities. The lid and the base can be finished with some contrasting effects to make the product display attention-grabbing. Or, you can also choose the same finishes or colors for the lid and base while contrasting them with the shoulder. They are a perfectly closed structure that assures you full-fledge protection of the concentrates from unwanted effects.

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Die-cut boxes:

Die-cut packages are the best-selling type of concentrate boxes. They are quite instrumental on retail shelves where hooking attention is your ultimate goal. Die-cut machines are used for making these boxes with some pre-built dies. The cuts can be made in any shape or style depending upon the impact you want to create on the onlookers. The cut part of these packages paves the way for customers to easily get a product glimpse or preview. This assists them in the buying process as the quality of concentrates gets judged easily through a sneak peek.

Since they add a luxurious touch to the products being presented, there is a common perception that they are expensive. Die-cut technology is quite inexpensive, and the materials used in the making of this type of box are also low-cost. So, they provide a premium product experience without your need to get extravagant with packaging costs.

Collapsible boxes:

Collapsible concentrate packages are well-liked in the customer circle as well as among retail brands. For brands, they offer extreme flexibility to get designed in a plethora of different styles. They also lend the retail brands a great advantage in terms of implementing a good marketing strategy. Owing to their collapsible feature, they bring far better results in reducing the shipping expenditures of businesses. The customers tend to like these boxes due to their reusable properties. When collapsed, they can be turned into something extremely useful for the customers.

Mailer boxes:

These are perhaps the best types of concentrate packages that are made from paperboard. They are designed exclusively for storing and sending concentrates. They come with built-in interlocking flaps and wings. This design avoids the need to spend money on tape or other adhesives. The double sidewalls make them even sturdier and durable for transporting delicate concentrates. They ensure all-around protection and can be used as subscription boxes as well.

There are countless possibilities available when it comes to custom cardboard boxes. Selecting one type of this packaging can be a tough ask, but it becomes easier when you know the product needs. For a perfect decision, make sure to read the fundamentals of every type of this packaging.

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