5 Top Most Largest Aquariums in the World

Planning a trip to visit the largest aquariums in the world, you need to carve out a few extra holidays as we are going to give you a guide about the top five largest aquariums in the world. According to research 2022, we are here providing the best and topmost biggest aquariums in the world. The most common size of aquarium rank is around 30 gallons though there are some aquariums that have built from many thousands of gallons of water. Many aquariums in the world are combined with the several volumes of the water tank and become known as the largest aquariums in the world.     

1. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is the world’s largest aquarium in the theme park of Chimelong International Ocean Resort located in the city of Zhuhai, situated in the south Chinese of Guangdong. It has set the world’s record of having an underwater dome and the world’s largest water tank. Even blue whales can swim in this water.The unique feature of this aquarium is its five whale sharks and many other species like sharks, corals, rays, and manta rays. The whale shark tank of this aquarium contains approximately 5 -6 million gallons of water which are considered to be half of this aquarium tank.   

2. Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is situated in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States which is the public aquarium and home of thousands of animals and species within its seven mot galleries having 11 million gallons of water in its tank. The aquarium is displaying the 5 galleries having dolphins tales, river scout, cold water quest, Ocean Voyager, and tropical diver. It has species like dolphins, whales, manta, and rays. You can enjoy swimming and diving with many various aquatic animals in this aquarium. Georgia Aquarium is considered a house of whale sharks.   

3. S.E.A. Aquarium

S.E.A. aquarium having full form as South East Asia aquarium is known for being the largest aquarium with a high volume of water located in Singapore containing forty to fifty different habitats in the aquarium takes the visitors into an underwater voyage that begins from Southeast Asia. This aquarium has a huge number of giant rays and oceanic manta rays. The main centerpiece of this aquarium is the Open Ocean Tank with thousands of animals. The S.E.A. Aquarium also has shark seas having more than two hundred predators in the aquarium. 

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4. Churaumi Aquarium

Churaumi Aquarium is located in the Ocean Expo park of Japan, which is open in 2002. The main tank of this aquarium is Kuroshio Sea, which has around 70 million liters of water in the tank. It has species like whales, rays, manta and along with that many species of fishes in Sea. There is much marine life with extremely deep water oceans has various bioluminescent fishes. It is a member of Japan’s association of aquariums and zoos.  

5. Cube Oceanarium

Cube Oceanarium is one of the first aquariums in China inside the Seaside City Shopping Mall with a tank capacity of around ten thousand square meters. It is a spectacular public aquarium that attracts visitors to china. It has many different 33000 creatures including the biggest jellyfish in the world. The Aquarium has two Guinness world records which are about the world’s largest acrylic and the second is about aquariums. It exhibits the cold and warm water tanks of tropical seas from the pacific ocean.

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The Article As a Whole

The above article shows the top 5 largest aquariums in the world which are based on research 2022. All aquariums above show their own uniqueness as an individual which gives home to many creatures of the earth. You can make a plan to visit above all aquariums if you like to see different aquatic creatures in the world. 

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