5 Social Media Strategies for A Successful Jewellery Business

Social media completely changed the jewelry business. Websites aren’t enough as a digital marketing strategy anymore. Social media has become one of the most vital channels for the diamond industry’s digital marketing. Online jewelry sales make up approximately 5-10% of all the industry’s sales.

Social media provides several opportunities for businesses because you can reach millions worldwide. Customers can share your content and reach prospects. And prospects who’ve been following your social media can convert into customers. 

However, traditional marketing is good if you’re trying to reach people on a local level. That’s because these prospects in your area can easily find your store. Traditional marketing utilizes non-online methods, like television and billboard ads. You can also use geo-targeting to advertise to your local market. 

However, if you plan to cater to international clients, having a social media account will work wonders for your business. But having a social media account is just one step in the right direction. You’ll need to maintain it to use it effectively. Hence, we’ll discuss different social media strategies for your jewelry business to succeed!

What Are the Social Media Strategies for a Successful Business?

Pinpoint Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is a key first step to social media marketing. These are the people who will likely express interest in your products, which in this case is jewelry. By solidifying your base audience, you can later expand to target other prospects.

To pinpoint your target audience, you need to ask yourself what kind of people will walk through your door. The jewelry industry attracts several kinds, like young couples looking for wedding day diamonds. Or maybe young men looking for proposal rings.

Older women also visit jewelry shops frequently. It may be difficult to focus on one demographic so try imagining an ideal customer persona for each one. Think what their backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses are. What kind of people will be able to afford and appreciate your products? And what style of the product will they buy?

Imagine a young woman who is a white-collar worker from her early to mid-twenties. She’ll need diamond accessories when attending her company’s events. Maybe she’ll look for a pair of diamond studs, a necklace, and a diamond tennis bracelet. You can also imagine where such a customer could come from.

Once you’re done with this exercise, try creating social media posts that will resonate with your target audience. 

Share High-Quality Content 

Your jewelry store’s social media aims to build a loyal base of followers. These followers would engage your future content and gradually become loyal customers. And one way to get those visitors to hit that follow button is by posting quality content.

However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds because creating social media content is a challenge. There are two ways to source your content: from your shop’s brands and your customers.

As a retailer, you won’t always have the time or the resources to spend on capturing Instagrammable inventory photos. However, the brands who make the inventory normally do and that’s what you can repurpose. Doing so saves you so much effort and ensures your followers are getting quality content.

Meanwhile, user-generated content (UGC) comes from customers who post photos and unboxing videos. Product reviews also count as user-generated content. All of these serve as your product’s and customer service’s voices.

UGC is the most authentic content in other users’ eyes. Knowing that other customers were satisfied with your product or service assures other prospects. It’s the buyer’s journey’s shortcut to getting a real insight into the product. 

UGC also incentivizes customers to engage the products, both old and new. They’re also constantly exposed to opinions about your products from your followers. For example, vloggers post what the diamond studs look like on them.

Be Consistent in Posting Content

Consistency is a requirement for any business, especially on social media. On the surface, it shows your store’s newest products. And it tells your customers that you know how to keep up with the trends.

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However, the algorithms of social media prioritize consistent content. This means, your content will more easily make its way to your follower’s feeds. This will then result in consistent exposure and engagement between your products and your followers.

For example, you post a photo of a new set of diamond jewelry. Since you do this at least once a week, your followers immediately see the post. Comments about the product will start flooding in and some of them will be asking for prices.

After some time, those followers will start posting photos of themselves wearing the product. That’s content you can share frequently for other prospects to see. Consequently, this will expand your list of prospects and followers even more.

Carry Out Exclusive Promos & Giveaways

It’s common these days to see shops posting about special discounts or vouchers for their social media followers. You can offer an exclusive code that your followers can use during checkout online or in-store.

Some shops make these codes unique to their different social media platforms. For example, they’ll release a code exclusive to Facebook followers and one to Twitter followers only. That way, the promos will feel more special and rare.

This tactic can also convince your long-time followers to start buying your products to make use of the code.

Though “giveaways” might be a bit of a stretch for jewelry stores, you can use this to boost your store’s social following. People love a store that’s generous with its followers. Usually, the mechanics for a giveaway are as follows:

  1. The user needs to follow the store’s online account.
  2. The user then needs to share the store’s post about the giveaway to attract more attention. The user has to include the giveaway’s hashtag on their post.
  3. The user also needs to tag a friend in the comment section.

This is best done during special events like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. This way, the store attracts a bigger social following. 

However, if you don’t want to lose much from a giveaway, you can dos a raffle after they purchase products worth a certain amount instead,

Learn How to Utilize the Platform’s Features

Every social media platform has its special features. Facebook, for example, has a story feature where it shows a series of images and videos for 24hrs. This is viewable to anyone who’s following you. Hence, you can post images or videos of your products there.

There are also “reels” which are very short videos. Facebook’s story feature can accommodate reels too. However, you can post reels on your profile. If it becomes viral online, it becomes really easy to have a big following.

Finally, social media and online marketing platforms have “lives” too. Lives are real-time broadcasts where you showcase your products.

Some social media platforms have online groups too, like Facebook. Every person who’s interested in lab-grown diamonds or wedding rings would be a member of one. Make the most out of those groups to promote your products!


Social media has revolutionized digital marketing. SEO isn’t to be underestimated, but social media allows for a wider reach. That’s because almost everybody has a social media account. Maybe not one for every single platform but at least one of the social media platforms.

Hence, having a social media marketing strategy should help your jewelry business find success. Before you make a social media account, you need to identify your target audience so you’ll know what kind of content to post.

Once you’ve started posting, you need to keep it at a regular pace so that the algorithm will keep sharing it on your followers’ feeds. Of course, the content you post needs to be of good quality so your followers won’t hit the unfollow button.

Throwing in a promo code or a giveaway is a good idea to increase your following too. Users on the internet love getting discounts and free stuff. Buy 1, Take 1’s, or vouchers are all the rage these days.

Don’t be shy to try new things online, because taking calculated risks is all part of running a business.

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