Who is the Fastest NBN Provider in Australia?

Every Australian wants the fastest NBN connection for their homes and businesses. The performance of Australia’s national broadband network (NBN) has been improved over time. Therefore, ACCC ranks the best and fastest NBN providers every three months. The highest-ranking NBN provider gets the best score out of 100 if it provides customers with 80 Mbps speed. Moreover, it makes the provider consistent and reliable in the market.

There is a list of top NBN providers with the fastest NBN plans in 2021. This report will help you compare NBN plans, and you can pick the one that is accessible on your premises. So, the following internet providers performed well in the pandemic period:

  1. Exetel
  2. Optus
  3. Telstra
  4. TPG
  5. MyRepublic
  6. Aussie broadband
  7. iiNET
  8. Vodafone


During peak hours, Exetel delivered 100.5% of its maximum speeds. You can choose from unlimited high-speed data plans with the NBN 50 tier, as well as a modem for $79 upfront. That is why Exetel is considered the fastest NBN provider that provides the most consistent internet speed and connection in Australia. 


The Optus network reached 100.4% of its peak speeds during busy hours. This plan offers unlimited data, Optus Sport, and the option to add Fetch TV entertainment for an additional fee each month. Plus, their modem comes with a 4G backup limited to 25 Mbps. And monthly charges are easily accessible. 


COVID-19: What Telstra is doing to help - International Institute of  Communications

Slightly lower than Optus, Telstra hits 99.8 of maximum NBN speed during peak hours. In addition to unlimited data, its NBN 50 plan comes with a host of extra features, such as a 4G mobile backup modem, free three-month access to BINGE Standard and access to the Telstra Wi-Fi network. Telstra offers four plans for all types of NBN connection equally considerable. 


The TPG hit 98.3% of its maximum speeds during busy hours. A TPG NBN 50 plan with unlimited data is available month-to-month or on an 18-month contract with a modem included. This provider offers two NBN plans: one for 50 MBPS and 90 Mbps. Also, the cost of these internet packages goes from $69 to $79, which is quite accessible for most Australians. So, you compare NBN plans based on speed, consistency, and pricing.   

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MyRepublic also offers the fastest NBN plan in your vicinity. During busy hours, it marks delivering about 98% of its maximum speed. In addition, its NBN 50 is available within 12 months contract period. You can rent the internet device for the contract. Only a few providers offer NBN 250 plans to households with an FTTP connection, including MyRepublic. Their NBN plans are the fastest and most reliable for the pro gamers out there at affordable rates.

Aussie broadband:

During busy hours, Aussie Broadband achieved 96.9% of its maximum speeds. You can choose between an NBN 50 plan with unlimited data and a custom high-speed plan that lets you select different data limits and upload speeds. If you have a connection type that supports NBN 1000 speeds, you can also sign up for NBN 250 speeds. That usually requires an FTTP connection. So, you can check out all four plans. 


iiNet reaches 95.4% of its maximum speed during busy hours in Australia. This plan comes with unlimited data and a Fetch TV entertainment option. Also, they offer three plans ranging from 50 Mbps to 200 Mbps. Although the superfast NBN plan has limited availability. 

Superloop NBN plans:

Superloop vs. SpinTel: Which Telco Offers the Best NBN Plans?

Superloop hits 95.3 of its maximum internet, speed excelling in-home internet. It makes it reliable and the fastest in-home NBN plan. All of its NBN plans include unlimited data. If you need to contact customer support, it offers 100% Australian support. 


ACCC’s report has all the fastest NBN providers on its list. If you are looking for the fastest NBN plan on your premises, choose any of these available providers in your vicinity. For starters, Exetel tops the list of the most reliable, consistent and fastest ones in Australia in 2021. Other than that, Optus, Telstra, MyRepublic, Aussie broadband, TPG, and iiNet are also the fastest NBN providers. So, choose the available one in your area that fits your needs and budget.   

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