15 Essential Tips To Increase The Lifespan of Your Motorcycle

All motorcycle riders want to have a close bond with their ride and like to keep it for a long without facing much hassle. It is important to maintain the engine performance, physical outlook, and spare parts functionalities of the motorcycle to keep it for a long-lasting time.

Having an existing ride or looking to buy online bikes and ride them long are two different things. Being a motorcycle afnicado like you, it is essential to increase the life span of the two-wheeler.

How have you planned to increase the running life of your bike?

Is it through regular service and cleaning?

Well, the above are just two ways of maintaining your motorcycle and further increasing its life as per the requirement. Other factors must also be taken into consideration when looking to increase the life of your ride.

So, here in this blog, we will be discussing fifteen such tips to make your motorcycle last longer and ride seamlessly without facing any hassle.

15 fifteen ways to increase the life of the bike

1. Wash the motorcycle regularly

The first and foremost way to increase the riding life of your motorcycle is to keep it clean and prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, and greasy substance for a long. It is important to deeply wash your motorcycle regularly to avoid the dirt impact on its engine and ride seamlessly ahead. For doing so, you can follow two different ways. First, wash your bike at home by using the pressure washer, and soap, and clean with a brush, and other set of equipment. Second, take your motorcycle to the professional cleaning center and wash it with optimum care and attention.

When it comes to cleaning the motorcycle, make sure to deeply clean the following few parts.

· Chain system

· Suspension

· Lights

· Wheels

· Air filter

· Fuel tank

2. Timely service

As we have already mentioned before, regular service is an integral part of the bike’s maintenance and increases its life seamlessly. You must book the bike’s service slot at the authorized center after reaching a few kilometers or coming close to the service time. Make sure the fact that you do change the engine oil, clean the air filter, change spare parts, tighten the brakes, and check other mechanical along with electrical things of the bike. Also, take the detailed service record from the authorized center to maintain information for a long-time.

3. Prevent riding in the rain

Continuous touch of water can be worst for your motorcycle. It is because the moisture of water when comes in contact with the iron material of your bike and mixed with oxygen in the ecosystem, starts building rust on the surfaces. This condition does not just hamper the physical outlook of your motorcycle but further degrades its mechanical and running condition.

Even regular water touch on your bike could lead to broken parts and accessories. You must avoid riding your bike in the rain at extensive kilometers. Also, prevent parking your motorcycle outside during the rainy season.

4. Stay away from UV rays

Not just rain, but even harsh sunlight can adversely affect your motorcycle condition to an optimum extent. You might not know the fact that constant exposure to a motorcycle in the broad-day sunlight can fade away the paint of the bike along with consuming fuel from the heat itself. Overall, UV rays can adversely affect the overall outlook of your motorcycle to an optimum extent and might degrade the components. Sunrays can directly affect the handlebar, foot pegs, handlebar grips, gaskets, and more.

What needs to be done is always park your motorcycle in the shade and stay away from the sun’s rays. If not possible, then cover up your bike during broad daylight and prevent any kind of sun exposure.

5. Check oils & other fluids

Another helpful way to regularly maintain your motorcycle to increase its lifespan is periodically checking the fluid condition inside. That means you must check the engine oil, brake oil, gear oil, and lubrication around your chain system. To ensure a seamless running experience, it is important to add the necessary oil inside and maintain the fluid condition for a long.

During the service session, you must ask the professional expert to change the engine oil and other required oils with no hassle at all. And on a timely basis, you must check the level of fluid inside the motorcycle.

6. Accelerate with care

Most people do not know this fact that the aggressive acceleration of a motorcycle takes a heavy toll on its engine performance, mileage, components, and overall condition. Accelerating too strongly even on low-shift gears can adversely affect your bike’s riding capacity and shorten its lifespan.

When you aggressively pull the accelerator of the bike, the pistons inside start moving quickly which is related to more fluid consumption, low mileage, and downgraded engine performance. So, avoid doing so, by accelerating gently on jam-packed and even across vacant roadways. Doing this simple change in your riding habit can save you at the fuel front along with increasing riding performance.

7. Lock the bike

Motorcycles are easily accessible compared to any four-wheeler parked across the surrounding. And

this easy accessibility is a simple target for thieves to take your bike unexpectedly and sell it at a nominal price. Not only, it affects you financially but also shatters the requirement of keeping your motorcycle for long. To prevent such a scenario, do your best to lock the motorcycle.

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As per the requirement, you can use the tire lock, get an authentic chain and lock system, and even park your ride inside the parking area. No matter what, you need to safeguard your motorcycle against thefts and keep up the same for a long-lasting time.

8. Maintain the wheels

One more crucial thing to keep in mind is maintaining the wheels to an optimum extent. As you already know, wheels are an important part of your motorcycle that ensure hassle-free movement across directions. Even the safety factor depends on the ideal condition of the wheels. Therefore, it is relevant to keep up the condition of wheels properly maintained with no wear and tear.

You must check the wheels for any sort of cracks, tweaks, or even bald spots to ensure comfortable riding ahead. Just remember the fact that proper wheel maintenance will continue to assure you a seamless ride and safety at the same time.

9. Ride on a regular basis

A major factor responsible for improving the life of a motorcycle is riding regularly and starting the engine without fail. It’s an obvious thing that if something is in continuous running condition, then it will surely stay for a long time. So, in terms of your motorcycle also, keep running the same to stay in active mode. If you continue to do this, then parts of your motorcycle keep running and prevent any kind of damage.

10. Wax your fuel tank

Another crucial tip to maintain the riding ability and optimum performance of your motorcycle is waxing the fuel tank. Over time, the fuel tank of your motorcycle is often exposed to heat, water, dirt, dust, and other harmful substances. In such a case, the metallic fuel tank starts deteriorating and you might have a leakage at a certain point in time. To avoid the same, you can wax the fuel tank to avoid unnecessary dirt and even rust. Doing this will help you maintain the quality of metallic material along with the shine of the tank. And it will help in increasing the overall life of the tank.

11. Use clean fuel

You might not know the fact that over a period of time, residues and uncleaned deposits settled inside the fuel tank of the motorcycle. It happens after using the low-quality fuel available across local quarters. This will result in low mileage capacity and frequent breakdowns to put a halt in your riding condition.

To avoid the above-mentioned issue, you must use high-quality fuel from a leading petrol pump to make sure the oil reaches every part of your bike’s engine. Pouring clean fuel into your motorcycle result in enhancing the overall fuel system to an optimum extent.

12. Fill up in the morning

One more fuel-related hack that you must follow to enrich the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle is filling up the petrol in the morning hours. It is required because, during the morning hours, you have a cool engine that will consume less fuel along with providing the required mileage capacity.

On the other side, adding fuel to your bike after riding the same for several kilometers will make the engine consumes more petrol.

13. Perform defensive riding

Your riding habits have a great deal of impact on the bike’s performance and its life condition. Try defensive riding daily to stay safe against unexpected bits, bumps, and falls. By following the defensive riding technique, you will ride on the safe side by giving the required space to fellow vehicles and staying away from the accident.

Also, if you do not know the defensive riding ways, then you have higher chances of meeting with an accident, bumping into another vehicle, or a crash. Therefore, it is always advisable to stay protected and ride your motorcycle for long.

14. Buy an insurance

Insurance is one of the crucial things that can safeguard your bike’s physical presence and mechanical performance to an optimum extent. For some riders, buying a bike’s insurance is a liability. Well, in the true sense, it’s an asset that helps you protect the motorcycle against unexpected hits, accidents, and broken physical outlook. With comprehensive insurance by your side, you can easily cover up the bike’s damages and money spent on the broken parts. Therefore, start doing some research on the best motorcycle insurance deal and grab the same with ease.

15. Maintain at regular intervals

Lastly, keep maintaining your motorcycle at regular intervals by following all the above-mentioned tips and tricks. It is important to maintain, buy bike parts online and change frequently, clean, ride at the required pace, maintain road safety, and much more to increase the overall life of the bike. You must follow the crucial measures to enrich the overall riding capacity of your motorcycle without thinking much.

Concluding Thoughts

Riding a motorcycle is not just enough to ensure a comfortable and long-lasting riding experience ahead. It is relevant to maintain the two-wheeler and take accountability in following the above-mentioned maintenance tips & tricks. You can easily follow the ways to ideally maintain your motorcycle and even buy the required bike spare parts online at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform. As the name itself implies, this platform allows you to buy genuine quality Hero bike parts and accessories efficiently and affordably.

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