What makes an email marketer successful?

You could be a struggling email marketer, or someone who is doing good but wish to know more about what makes a successful email marketer. You could even be a working professional who wish to make email marketing as their side hustle.

This article will serve anyone, who aspire to become a successful email marketer.

Did you know? There is a huge opportunity for people involved in email marketing profession.

Well, why do you think email marketing is an opportunity for you? Have you ever thought about it?

There are varied reasons.

Maybe it is simple to get started as a side hustle or profession, it offers potentially higher income than many other opportunities, for some people it is something they specifically feel biased towards or they have a skillset that’s making them lean towards email marketing.

Do have any idea what makes an email marketer successful?

Building an email list, maintaining the list health, and sending valuable emails to the right segment at the right time, data analysis, etc. makes an email marketer successful.

Now let us look at each of these factors in a deeper level.

Building an email list

The first rule that you must follow while building an Eq Webmail list is that you should never buy or rent an email list.

Buying email list from a third-party source leads to low open rates, increase in the bounce rate.

So, how should you build a quality email list? Here’s a tip.

You can encourage your website visitors to share their email list by giving them freebies. Besides that, you can use email finder tool.

Use email finder

Email finder tools like GetEmail.io uses big data and machine learning algo to locate the correct email address format of a professional.

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All you need is their first name, last name, and company domain. The tool will process this information to get the correct email format.

Besides building email list what’s more important is maintaining it.

Maintaining the email list health

You may wonder why it is important to remove email with low open rates.

You must scrub your email list every six to twelve months. By periodically scrubbing your email list to remove email addresses that never opens your email or those contributing to high bounce rate, you could be able to maintain the email list health.

A successful email marketer will remove such email addresses, so that their engagement ratio is maintained well.

When you send emails to people that never opens your email, the email service providers are more likely to categorize your emails as s spam.


Segmentation can improve the Return on investment. You could segment your audience based on different criteria – location, company size, how they previously interacted with your emails, customer loyalty, lifecycle stages, etc.

A successful email marketer is good at segmenting their email list and send each segment appropriate content that’s specific to their journey and interests.

Sending valuable emails

The average professional receives more than a hundred emails per day. The only way to stand out from the rest of the emails is by mastering your audience’s needs.

Besides this, writing outstanding email copies with so much of values makes an email marketer successful.

Final thoughts

You can work on yourself to improve the important factors contributing the success of an email campaign. This could help you to become successful.

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