Useful Tips To Get The Best Mileage Out of Your Commuter Motorcycle

Riding a two-wheeler in India is not just a common but more of a mandatory phenomenon for several individuals to save on transportation costs. With fuel prices rising at a rocket speed along with expensive public transportation systems, traveling with a motorcycle is comparatively convenient and cost-effective.

For those who already have a motorcycle or looking forward to buying online bikes, taking care of the mileage efficiency is an important aspect to save cost. Here, in this blog, we will be sharing useful tips to increase your motorcycle’s mileage efficiency to an optimum extent.

Why motorcycle’s mileage matter the most?

You must be aware of the fact that fuel price in India has already crossed the mark of INR 100 and are soon to increase further. There is no such way, that fuel price is going to decline in the future. In such a situation, riding a motorcycle requires end-to-end maintenance and regular servicing to ensure an upscale level of engine performance. And, it will help you acquire the required mileage efficiency to cover most distances with limited fuel.

Different ways to increase motorcycle’s fuel efficiency

Just like riders buy bike spare parts online or offline and timely change or add required accessories to upkeep the ride. Similarly, several measures should be taken into consideration to increase the bike’s fuel efficiency to an optimum extent.

  • Ensure regular motorcycle service: The general rule of thumb to maintain your motorcycle for a long is to ensure regular servicing without fail. Servicing the motorcycle is of integral importance to change the engine oil, clean the dirt and grease, and maintain the physical appearance of the bike. Doing all this will ensure effective engine running conditions that will help to increase the mileage efficiency to an optimum extent.
  • Maintain tire pressure: Not many riders are aware of the fact that low tire pressure has a direct impact on the bike’s mileage. It is due to the fact that low air tire pressure exerts more pressure on the engine power. As a result of this, the engine consumes more fuel compared to the general requirement. Thus, mileage efficiency due to low tire pressure degrades to an optimum extent. Therefore, it is an essential matter to keep the air pressure at the required level to increase mileage efficiency.
  • Change engine oil frequently: In connection with the bike servicing, changing engine oil every one or two months is directly linked to getting better mileage capacity. One thing you must know is that old engine oil lowers the lubrication effect inside the engine parts. Due to this, spare parts work with more pressure and might face wear & tear. To ensure the effective performance of spare parts and the overall engine, it is of mandatory concern to change the engine oil regularly.
  • Park the bike in the shade: It’s not just riding that consumes the fuel inside the tank. Even parking your motorcycle in the harsh sunlight can lower the fuel level. It happens when harsh UV rays soak up the fuel inside the tank. Due to this, you spend more on the fuel. To prevent this situation, it is of integral matter to always park your motorcycle in the shade to ensure effective mileage efficiency.
  • Maintain the chain system: Lubrication in the chain system is essential to ensure seamless rotation. Due to this, tires move seamlessly by utilizing less fuel from the engine. So, always lubricate the chain system, especially during the monsoon season to prevent the rusting effect.
  • Use clutch with utmost care: Do you know that too much usage of the clutch has a direct impact on the bike’s mileage? The more you squeeze the clutch and apply brakes, the engine requires more power to exert the needed pressure. Thus, try to minimize the usage of the clutch, especially when riding at high speed, and maintain the mileage efficiency to an optimum level.
  • Keep the motorcycle clean: Even a neat and clean motorcycle helps in increasing the mileage capacity. On the contrary, stuck-up dirt, grease, and dust-filled air filters prevent the engine from performing at the required level. Just like regular servicing, even cleaning is important to get rid of the tough stained spots and help in maintaining the mileage.
  • Use good quality fuel: Last but least, using high-quality fuel has an important role to play. Substandard quality of fuel negatively impacts the engine performance and ultimately lowers the mileage efficiency. Thus, it is imperative on your part to always fill up good quality fuel in your motorcycle.
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Final Thoughts

Having said it all, maintaining your bike’s mileage is not a difficult task. With the help of the above-mentioned tips and tricks, improve riding performance to an optimum level. Also, change the spare parts and accessories, especially for Hero bikes by shopping for quality products at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform. It’s a reliable website of the leading two-wheeler manufacturing company. On this platform, you have the flexibility to buy online bike accessories, and spare parts, and even book a scooter or motorcycle.

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