Understanding Contract Staffing, Advantages And Its Types

Are you a freshly graduated person who is looking for a job or looking to change your lifestyle from your monotonous work? Dubai is the right choice for getting employed and having a whole different lifestyle with a worthy future. As we all know, Dubai is one of the most developed countries that welcomes talented and creative candidates from all over the world. Candidates get employed in various fields and the employment process is done through various recruitment agencies. 

There are number of contract staffing companies in Dubai which hire on contract, this is beneficial for job seekers as they get a permanent job for a longer period of time. Also, it is beneficial for the employer’s as they get the staff for a longer time and hence reduce their training and hiring cost. 

They recruit employees either through permanent recruitment processes or through contract staffing. If want to know about contract staffing, then you are at right place. In this post, we will get to know what a contract staffing process is and how it works and how you should choose. 

Do you know what exactly is a contract staffing process?

Most of us get confused with contract staffing and temporary staffing. Contract staffing or temporary staffing are the same terms. There is a slight difference between them. The staff is recruited for a particular duration with a fixed duration. Conditions like part-time working, independent contracts, and seasonal work are some of the contracts one can get employed. 

In permanent staffing, they will sign the contract for a lifetime and probably have to stay in the same company. In contract staffing after the duration ends you can look for another job or project or renew the contract to continue working there. So, if you are in hunt for a reliable contract staffing, this information is very important for you. 

How does contract staffing in Dubai work?

Contract staffing in Dubai can be different from others. Please keep in mind that contract staffing can range from a few hours to several weeks before deciding on a temporary staffing company. Temporary employees are typically used to cover short-term absences of permanent staff, and the length of the temp employment can be uncertain. Contract staffing is always done only during a particular time or period. The signed contracts may differ from each other- fixed, temporary, or any type. Most outsourcing makes sure that all the needs and demands from the client’s side are satisfied with proper and reliable services.

Are you aware of the advantages of contract staffing?

Contract staffing offers various benefits. Some of them are:

  • Contract staffing is quite lesser in expenses, as they cost cut for longer period of time by contracting
  • Flexibility is another main reason why contract staffing is preferable
  • Recruitment process in contract staffing is comparatively easier and quicker
  • Specific skills can be focused, when contract staffing services are on table
  • Most of the short-term goals or focuses of the business can be fulfilled with the help of contract staffing services
  • Contract staffing also helps in long term staffing, so you don’t need to spend on recruitment again and again. 
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Do you know the type of contract staffing and how they work?

There are number of types of contract staffing. When it comes to basic classification of contract staffing, there are certain types with unique features. Let us see what they are:

  • Part-time Contract:

A part-time agreement is the kind of agreement staffing where the labourer is limited by an arrangement of work hours. He/she gets each an open door and security as that of a full-time representative. The part-time authoritative labour force is lawfully bound to lesser work hours and has appropriate pay similar to those work hours. Especially candidates who need to go on with their tutoring or mastery improvement search for such work. Might it be said that you are excessively searching for IT contract offices? Then, break down your employing needs and let us in on your work order, there are number of outsourcing companies that can help you in getting you the ideal applicant you are searching for. Whether you are looking for a short term fixed or for a long term, they can find both as per your requirements. 

  • Fixed Term Contract:

Fixed-term contracts are those which are limited by essentials. These arrangements are by and large finished paperwork for a solitary venture and when the essentials of that task are met, the understanding gets ended. A fixed-term agreement could get reached out for some more timeframe but doesn’t loosen up in necessities. It gives fixed remuneration and protection to the laborers anyway.

  • Agency Staff:

If you have heard of agency staff, you would have known about the features and employee hiring process. Here, IT contract agencies take roles in hiring employees for the company. The main reason why this happens is when organizations get to partner with Employer of Record agencies. Selected or approved candidates and employees who work for these companies are paid from the agency’s side.

  • Zero Hour Contract:

If you know about zero-hour contracts, there is nothing you might not know about contract staffing. This is a kind of agreement that requires no specific time or longer time of work. The main expectation from the staff side is to be on time and to work when asked. At the point when there is a specific need, these staff are called for and after it is done, they are permitted to work or look for encouraging open doors somewhere else.


In conclusion, work environment elements and requirements have changed topsy turvy when contrasted with the gig market several years back. Associations routinely need the workforce to deal with the repetitive examples of the business’ solicitations. The staff which experiences and have handled company work for years are preferred.  In many such cases, contract staffing has shown an unrivalled arrangement. Associations consider contract staffing when they have projects which need additional help without long-haul responsibilities, or they want to reduce cost of hiring again and again. This guides in making the association dexterous to the necessities of the market while making the association lean and the workforce consisting of the executives less complex.

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