7 Tips To Wisely Use Mascara Boxes

The cosmetic industry comprises dozens of different mascara or makeup products. This dramatic variation in these items compels several brands to begin investing in this business. This is why it is becoming tough for cosmetic brands to earn a name or stand out. But, custom mascara boxes offer a fine way to assist brands in winning the competition of grabbing customers’ attention. All you need to do is to strategically use these boxes by designing them in an appropriate manner.

Introduce Clarity In The Design

When people are out purchasing a cosmetic product like mascara, they buy what they need. Most of the packaging designs we see in the market today actually frustrate the customers because they are too confusing. Keeping that in mind, always keep the design of your custom mascara boxes clear. It can be done by using smaller yet legible fonts, contrasting but pleasing colors, and clean graphics. This is a fact that clients tend to decide on a product in merely one-tenth of a minute. After this brief moment, they are not intrigued to know if they have made the right decision. So, a clear design is really a need of the hour if you want these boxes to grow your sales.

Maintain Integrity

Another expert tip for using these boxes to your advantage is to portray the right image of your product through them. Do not instill false hopes among the customer base by printing some overwhelming details. This can upset the clients, and they may become loyal to another brand that sells a similar item. Go for creating a true expectation about your product by printing true data on them. Add some high-resolution pictures and illustrations that are very identical to the cosmetic items packed inside.

Consider The Shelf Impact

Perhaps, the best stratagem to use mascara packages intelligently is to consider the impact they create on shelves. An ordinary or routine impact is not going to win you sales in the competitive market. You need to outclass your competition by thinking one step ahead of them. Many of the retail brands rely on the printing of the box, which is why they introduce too many visual elements in the design. In such a scenario, sticking with a minimalist approach can promise you far better results. Keep your packaging design simple as it stands out enough to influence the buyers to pick up your products.

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Focus On Usability

Easy and complete access to the packaged item is important for the clients. So, focus on the usability of mascara packages to live up to the expectations of shoppers well. You can go for adding some easy opening or closing mechanisms at the forefront of the boxes. Magnetic closure, for instance, is a great way to make your product more accessible to the audience. Such a handy packaging design would make your mascara items appear even more appealing to the buyers.

Keep It Durable

The shelf life of cosmetic items needs to be prolonged if you are to achieve better sales. Use your boxes in such a way that they ensure all-inclusive protection of the packaged items. This can be achieved by designing them with thick, solid, and durable materials like corrugated cardboard and Kraft stock. Also, remember to add some laminations on the lid of packages to increase their barrier properties.

Go For Versatility

One of the key tips to use mascara packages ingeniously is to keep their design versatile. There are a lot of varieties in mascara products that need to be differentiated for immediate customer attention. Add some exclusive imagery in the design of each box to differentiate between your product lines for mascara. If you are designing some seasonal items, always feature images that conjure a particular season. This versatility will make your product lines popular across the market.

Model The Boxes Appropriately

If you are keen to use these boxes cunningly, it is central to pay attention to their structure. Keep an eye over their size and design them exactly according to the dimensions of various mascara items. This will help you to keep your product shipments safe as there will be no inside movement of the items. Also, you would not need to spend extras on filler materials for appropriate protection.

Many retail cosmetic brands are struggling to use custom mascara boxes to their advantage. With all these details in mind, using them to your brand’s benefit becomes a lot easier. Keeping a focus on both the aesthetic value and usability of the packages can help your products stand out in the market.

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