Tips for Designing Car Stickers

Vehicles are one of the best advertising mediums due to their ease of ability to move from one location to another. By printing attractive car stickers and placing those on bumpers or windows of the car will help you spread the brand message to thousands of customers. Not to mention, car stickers are extremely effective in boosting the brand awareness of a company. Apart from that, car stickers are easy to print and cost-effective. This is why the primary reason why many business owners use car stickers as their primary promotional marketing technique. Many large and small businesses have started using window stickers and bumper stickers for years to sharpen their marketing campaign. 

A many individuals out there are persuaded that stickers are for youngsters. While they are not altogether off-base, they neglect to perceive stickers as an amazing advertising device when utilized fittingly. Vehicle stickers are an ideal method for giving your vehicle a lift and a great type of portable advertising.

As people spend most of their time traveling, walking, or driving on the road, they will undoubtedly notice your promotional vehicles as well as car stickers. However, you need to design attractive car stickers to capture their attention. Here are the top 3 tips for designing car stickers. 

Use Eye-Soothing Colors

While designing car stickers, make sure you utilize the colors wisely. Be careful while picking the color schemes of your car stickers as they will determine the visibility and attractiveness. It would be effective if you use three or four colors on your car stickers. Remember that the primary goal of the car stickers is to increase brand exposure as well as the promoting the products and services of your business. As per Learn hub, you need to showcase creativity to increase brand exposure. Keeping this in mind, attract the attention of passers-by by using bright colors. You might also choose a light color and dark color background as per your requirement. Don’t forget to maintain brand consistency by using the same brand color present in your other promotional tools. If you don’t know what type of color schemes will look great, make sure you consult with the designer before purchasing the car stickers. 

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Pick an Impressive Slogan

Including the slogan of your business in your car stocker is one of the most important design processes. This will help you a lot in strengthening your marketing campaign. If you don’t have a catchy business slogan, consider creating on your own. While creating a professional slogan for your product or business, make sure the slogan is capable of representing your brand. This way it will stick on the viewer’s mind. Keep the slogan simple and short so that you can showcase your unique selling point. Use appropriate tone and words. 

Showcase Your Sense of Humor

Do you know that telling a joke or showcasing your sense of humor in your business slogan will help you capture the attention of your potential customers? You must use the funny tone in the car decals so that it can help your business stand apart from the rest. Not to mention, it will make your company more approachable. The positive emotions that the car stickers showcase are extremely important to develop a robust relationship with potential customers. Pay close attention while choosing humorous words or images as some specific types of content might be offensive for your customers. As you don’t know who will notice your promotional car, it’s better to implement a friendly design. 


These are the top 3 tips you need to remind while designing car stickers. Make sure you print large car stickers if you want to showcase bold statements. Do you have any additional questions regarding sticker design? Contact us today. 

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