The machine and scissors require a drop of oil.


“All you need is a drop of oil.” These rules apply not only to sewing machines and surgeons, but also to scissors.


Sewing oil is required to operate the sewing machine. Use perfume for sewing machines and surgeons. Do not use versatile oil or WD-40. This is dangerous for your car. As usual rub one or two barley oils in the mouth. Boban and Zaka are the most common lubricants. Bobbin locking mechanism and oil port may be elsewhere. See sewing machine manual lab instructions and sketches. Most new computers do not need to refine the oil like the old model.


How often do you want to refinance your car? 


Most modern computerized cars are equipped with an instant message telling you when to refill your car. When enough lines are drawn, the machine will show you a drinking water message. The main thing is multipurpose penetrant that the more you use your car, the more fuel you need. Most sewing machine suppliers recommend sewing every 10-12 hours. Oil / chicken sounds, if there is a slight noise, add a drop of oil. This can only be done if necessary. If you have any doubts about your car salt, please contact your sewing machine dealer.


When you say goodbye again, try putting a drop of oil on the bob of the machine. This allows the thread to pass easily through the bob at the top of the bobbin case. In most cases of learning, when it is difficult for someone to disconnect, I suggest refueling the machine first. Of course, this is not the only cause for concern, the problem is usually only partially solved.


Always do a few lines with a rag after pouring oil into the car. He eats a lot. Once you start sewing with your design, you can finish the thread that reached into the fabric with oil. So ask yourself, “How did this site come about? See the oil stain removal instructions

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Rent your sewing scissors and sniper – need a drop of oil in the sewing room. 


When collecting scissors, try adding a little oil. Open the knife and pour a drop of oil between the knives. Turn the blade on and off a few times and let the oil float on the blade for a few minutes. Assemble the screws and rub the blade with a dry cloth. Trim some clothes to remove excess oil. Scissors should be taken flat several times a year. 


This reduces friction between the blades and makes cutting easier. This will make your scissors softer and longer.

During my business trip last month, I learned about different cars. I have a bachelor’s degree and am currently working as a marketing partner at a research firm. My main job is to do research on different plants and gather valuable information about different methods. One of the machines I was most interested in was the pumping unit. In this article, I will share the mechanics I learned on the go.


Although there are many extractors, the most commonly used are oil extractors.


There will be a badge pressure chamber in front of the press of this chart and spiral printer. The display machine uses pressure and friction to press the oil seeds. Seed oil comes out of small pores. I asked the operator why the keys were so small. The pores prevent them from mixing with solids or vegetable oils, he explained. The seed or seed made with this waste is on the other side of the machine. This is called a residual fat cake.


I am interested to know more about this car so the operator can easily answer all my questions. Since ancient times people have been getting oil from oil crops. So what’s the difference? Clean old seeds with a meat grinder or stone grinder. Due to advances in science and technology, auto-separators have been used to extract oil from oil seeds. They simplify the construction process of the machines.

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