Reasons to Hire Professional Flower Delivery Services

How can you know that the flower delivery services you’re planning to hire are reliable? How do you know that you’re not being scammed or they genuinely offer free flower box delivery? Here are five reasons why you should hire a professional florist in Singapore, instead of doing the flower delivery yourself.

You Can Ask About the Freshness of Flowers

If you’re planning on spending some money on a beautiful bouquet, ask your florist how long ago they were picked up. The fresher your flowers are, the longer they’ll last. Make sure that you double-check with them before placing an order. You can rest assured that your arrangements will be in great shape and stay fresh much longer when they’re picked up just hours after being cut from their plants.

Then again, some flowers (like roses) can only remain fresh for a few days regardless of when they’re harvested. On average, most cut bouquets can remain fresh for 3 – 7 days. The type of flower really matters, especially if you’re dealing with professionals! It also depends on how it is displayed (for example: Keep your wedding flower arrangement out of direct sunlight). Better yet-ask about day-before delivery pricing!

Check Whether They Have 24/7 Customer Service

One thing that worries a lot of customers is whether their local florist has available customer service agents and if they’re available around the clock. Even on holidays, people need free flower box delivery in Singapore and other regions. That means there should be someone manning your customer service line.

If you don’t see any sort of customer service phone number on your local florist’s website, call them anyway to ask them if they have a 24/7 customer support staff. Most florists operate during the day and night in Singapore, to meet the flower needs of their customers.

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You May Opt for Same Day Flower Delivery

Nothing brightens someone’s day like flowers. However, with work and school schedules becoming increasingly packed and our lifestyles growing more hectic, it’s hard to find time for a trip down to your local florist. By hiring famous florists in Singapore as your free flower delivery service, you can avoid these issues by receiving same-day deliveries. Because when you choose the best company for flower delivery services in Singapore, you’re choosing convenience, reliability, and quality above all else.

Customers Can Choose a Local Florist

Most flower delivery companies hire florists in Singapore, thus allowing customers to choose a local florist who can deliver their order right away. This increases delivery efficiency, as a florist will deliver their order quicker since they’re located nearby.

The customer also has more choice in selecting a particular florist they may be familiar with or have worked with before. Select your own unique arrangement or bouquet! With trusted firms on your list, you have endless flower arrangements and bouquets to select from!

Save Money with Discounted Deals

Many flower shops are going online, offering free delivery deals or huge discounts on certain flowers and arrangements. In fact, getting free flower box delivery through a website may actually be cheaper than buying them from a brick-and-mortar store. If you can’t find your desired arrangement in local stores, try looking for it online. You might get lucky and discover an awesome deal!

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