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We use this keyboard pad to keep our wrist rest pad attached to our desk when we work before the computer. The keyboard pad is filled with a soft memory foam pad, allowing us to type comfortably. You can only move your wrist at a certain angle, no matter how fast you are moving.

An ergonomic design enhances comfort and productivity, allowing you to stay “in the zone” for optimal performance. The sleek profile needs little desk space and can easily be picked up and moved around.

Product Features

  • A keyboard pad of 400*60mm size and 300 grams in weight has an extended surface area which provides a larger working area to support two wrists, making typing easier and reducing pain.
  • A non-slip PU base keeps this keyboard pad from moving or sliding when sitting beside the keyboard. Your wrist will rest when you are typing when this keyboard pad is next to the keyboard.
  • This keyboard pad has sufficient soft memory foam filling, which enables our wrist rest pad to adhere to the desk. Even if you move your wrist at a fast pace or from an angle, it will remain in place.
  • Our wrist rest pads are made from smooth fabric with a non-slip PU base, stuffed with good memory foam to keep the wrist rests attached to the desk. If you move your wrist in any direction, it will stay in place regardless of how fast or how angled you move it.


As if you were holding a satin pillow on your wrist, the top keyboard support bars. With these wrist rests, you can stay relaxed and comfortable.

A non-slip PU Base, filling with soft Silicone, allows our wrist rest pad to adhere to your desk, while an ultra-smooth and comfortable fabric provides excellent comfort. The wrist will always stay in place regardless of how quickly and at what angle you move it. Rubber keyboard pad use rubber as a cushion for your wrist. Get in the zone with wrist rests that help you stay comfortable while typing.

A non-slip rubber base allows our wrist rest pads to adhere to the desk. Our wrist rest pads are made of ultra-fluffy and comfortable fabric. You cannot move your wrist faster or at an angle that will make it change position.

  • Non-skid backing helps hold the keyboard pad securely in place when in use, preventing it from slipping.
  • By releasing accumulated tension while typing using this wrist rest keyboard pad, you’ll feel a soothing sensation and prevent wrist and hand injuries.
  • Keyboard pads like this are perfect for use at home and in the office, playing video games, etc.

A wrist rest keyboard pad is designed with soft, breathable fabric and premium memory foam, making it ultra-lightweight, comfortable, and durable for your daily life or work. As well as providing a relaxing sensation and releasing accumulated tension, it is engineered to prevent injuries to your wrists or hands.

Our wrist rest pad sticks to the desk with the help of this keyboard pad when we work before the computer. It is filled with enough soft Silicone to fill the space between the keyboard and keyboard cover.

This non-skid backing of the gel keyboard pad keeps it firmly in place while it is being used.

Using this wrist rest keyboard pad will allow you to release accumulated tension while typing, preventing wrist or hand injuries.

This keyboard pad is designed for use at home or work, when playing games, etc.

When sitting beside a keyboard, this keyboard pad’s non-slip PU base prevents it from sliding. Having this keyboard pad near the keyboard will allow your wrist to rest while you’re typing.

Our wrist rest pad adheres to our keyboard pad due to the soft memory foam filling. Regardless of the speed or angle of your wrist movement, it will remain in place.

A non-slip PU base makes our wrist rest pads non-slip, stuffed with good cushioning to keep them secure to your desk. Even if you move your wrist fast or at an angle, it will remain in place no matter what direction it goes.

We use this keyboard pad when working at the computer to stick our wrist rest pad to the desk. In between the keyboard and the cover, there is enough soft silicone to fill the space.

A soft memory foam pad is incorporated into the keyboard pad, making it comfortable to type on. There is a certain angle at which your wrist can be moved, no matter how fast you move.

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