These Ways to Use Portfolio Management and Crypto Tax Software Without Spending Too Much Time

Portfolio management and crypto tax software can potentially save you a lot of time by reducing the amount of manual work that you need to do. When used properly, this type of software can save you hours upon hours as it provides more accurate information about what is happening in your portfolio.  Portfolios are meant for investment tracking so that an investor can see what they currently have invested in as well as any earnings that might come from those investments over time.  Crypto tax software is a type of portfolio management software that is designed to keep track of transactions as well as compute all of the proper tax liabilities on them. 

1. Keep Track Of Your Equities :

One of the main reasons that someone uses portfolio management software is to keep track of their investment positions. Crypto tax software keeps track of all of your cryptocurrency tax and transactions so that you know exactly how much you have earned and how much has been earned. It also calculates your net profit and determines the associated tax liability. These transactions are tracked over time to determine what gains you have had on your investments.

2. Record Your Income :

Crypto tax software also keeps track of the income that you make from your investments. This lets you know what type of income was gained from the investment and how much of it was made. This keeps track of the individual transactions that you made on a specific day and determines their taxable status. It then compiles them into a final report that includes both the gains and any losses for that time period. This type of information allows you to know what your income was for that tax year and how much tax you owe on it.

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3. Understand Taxes :

Crypto tax software tracks the income and gains that you make on a very individual level. This allows you to see the exact taxes that you owe in the end without any surprises. This is an absolute must for those who have no idea how much of a tax liability they might have on their investments since it will tell them in advance. This can be used to determine whether or not it is worth selling off some of their investments in order to minimize their losses. It also compiles all of these records together so that they can be correctly interpreted at tax time when they are reviewed with a certified tax professional.

4. Properly Calculate Your Gains and Losses :

Crypto tax software tracks all of your transactions over time so that they can create a record of them. This includes any gains or losses that are made on each of these transactions. This also includes the final amounts that you owe in cryptocurrency capital gains tax as well as how much of a profit you actually have for the year. It then determines your final reportable investment account value and tells you what your taxable gains might be for each specific period. 

Binocs is a crypto tax software program that combines portfolio management and crypto tax tracking so that they can both be used at the same time and in the same place. This helps to keep everything current and up to date so that there are no surprises at tax time and you have a clear understanding of what you should expect for the future.

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