PayPal Scales Drive Toward Crypto Utility

PayPal And Digital Currency In 2021: 

A global pandemic has drastically revolutionized the digital finance department with limitless possibilities for generating massive profits. Unlike in 2017, cryptocurrency has now established unprecedented status in the financial world and promises further progress in its value. In 2021, the digital industry is predicting positive deflection towards the usage of cryptocurrency in all areas. Amid the Covid-19 global pandemic, the digital currency continues to advance and bring economic efficiency by strengthening the crypto space along with medical and healthcare advancements.

With the increase in the demand for cryptocurrency, many websites and wallet applications have finally started to enable users to utilize digital platforms to trade using crypto. Imagine how lives will turn out if cryptocurrency is adopted as a conventional method to make purchases! It is a relatively more sustainable option than any other payment method available in the market.

PayPal Utilizes Cryptocurrency As a Payment Option:

PayPal, along with others, such as Tesla, Visa, Square, Grayson Bitcoin Trust, MicroStrategy, is looking forward to initializing cryptocurrency marketing solutions. This new campaign is taking its flight from early 2021 and foresees its progress dynamically in the future.

PayPal has finally geared up to introduce cryptocurrency for its customers from this year. This feature will allow the users to store, purchase, or sell cryptocurrency using PayPal. Users will also be permitted to connect with countries outside the US to trade crypto using Paxos Trust. Although, this is just the beginning. PayPal has planned to expand its approach to turn cryptocurrency into a mainstream solution for digital finance in the upcoming years. For now, it is a prediction to see crypto as a funding resource for millions of PayPal users out there.

Checkout with Crypto – Digitized Payment Mode:

PayPal has planned to feature a “Checkout with Crypto” icon from March 2021 at the end of each purchase, alongside different payment methods.

If a customer wishes to pay using crypto, PayPal will simply convert the cryptocurrency as per the set rates into the US currency, i.e., dollars, to process the transaction. You will be notified with a detailed report of the purchased item and crypto sales.

The plus point is that there are no hidden charges if a customer chooses to pay via crypto. However, one has to be aware of the conversion rates that the company has standardized. The conversation rates are rather static and have a great impact on the total value of the crypto. (Benefit ratio)

PayPal has approximately 337 million users, and among them, there are over 30 million merchants on board. This feature will benefit all users to get familiar with using crypto as a mode for checkout. And eventually, cryptocurrency will serve as a routine checkout payment gateway.

What should you know before investing crypto on PayPal? 

Let’s talk about the prerequisites that you need to do before signing up for cryptocurrency checkout on PayPal. As we discussed above, you need first to familiarize yourself with the conversion standards before you invest. Secondly, you need to set up cryptocurrency in your PayPal account wallet. As the detailed announcement in October 2020 goes, users have to add or transfer crypto to their PayPal wallet before opting for their crypto checkout services.

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Once you have added the crypto, you are good to go! But, before you sign up for this, keep these things in your mind:

Having Sufficient Balance

As you progress towards the end of the purchase, you will only be shown the “Checkout with Crypto” option if you have sufficient balance in your account to suffice the price for the purchased item(s). It will be automatically visible if you have enough balance in your account. Else, you can either pay with different options.

A Crypto Per Sale

The company has added that the customers can utilize a crypto per purchase. Therefore, you need to be mindful of the purchased item price and cryptocurrency standard conversion rate before you proceed.

Cryptocurrencies by PayPal

PayPal is allowing the following cryptocurrency to be used by the consumers:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • BTC Cash


It is worth noting for the customers who wish to use crypto checkout services by PayPal. It has been mentioned that the cryptocurrencies in your account, including bitcoin are presented into fiat before forwarding the transaction. Thus, each user is liable to pay taxes. The company gives out a legal tax form (1099) to its customers after they set up the crypto in their wallets for tax collection.

Crypto Withdrawal

All the customers should note that they can’t withdraw cryptocurrencies back to their accounts after the transaction. The reason is that the cryptos are transferred into USD/other currencies at a fixed rate by the company before the transaction occurs. And because of this fact, the customers can’t withdraw the cryptos. However, they get the regular currencies (post-conversion) in their accounts.

For the same reason, customers can’t share or exchange crypto between family and friends. However, they can use PayPal to buy, sell, or hold the cryptos in their account using Paxos Trust.

Standard Conversions

The merchants who accept cryptos in exchange for the deal can’t see or benefit from the digital currencies. They are instead paid with the normal currency as soon as the transaction occurs. This is again a drawback, but we are looking forward to seeing more developments in this sector.


Dan Schulman, president and CEO, decodes that as the familiarity of the customers sped up with each transaction using digital currencies and payments, checkout with crypto can be utilized as a mainstream solution to suffice the demands of the users. The focus on cryptocurrencies has been shifted already to digitize payments. However, it gives flexibility to the customers to use their PayPal wallets in a variety of ways.

The introduction of cryptocurrency by PayPal is in its infancy, but we look forward to more advancements in the digital industry in the upcoming years. Crypto space will continue expanding and gaining maximum attention, eventually changing the digital industry outlook upside down.

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