Online Bidder Enrollment for Delhi Tender Bidders

Contractors looking for an e-Tender Delhi online, before going forward with their search for the best bids, need to first of all enroll as a bidder on the Delhi Tenders eProcurement website. This is the online tender procurement portal which bidders can use for anything related to an e Tender Delhi. 

To enroll as a bidder, you (the contractors) can go to the website and follow the instructions given below to create their Bidder/Corporate profile. If facing issues, you can contact BidAssist for Delhi tenders, which is an online tender website, and get help from their team in creating a profile among other resources such as writing a bid proposal, etc.

Process for Online Bidder Enrollment for e Tender Delhi: 

Step 1: Go to the Delhi Tenders official website (Government of Delhi e-Procurement System). 

Step 2: Find ‘Online Bidder Enrollment’ section on the right corner of the webpage, just below the login button. You’ll be redirected to the registration webpage. 

Step 3: Now, to start the process, you need to provide your login ID. This will be your valid and working email ID (Please note that this login ID will be used further on as well and you won’t be able to change it afterwards). 

Step 4: In the next step, you must provide a correspondence Email. This can be the same as the one you’ve provided as your Login ID. Next, provide your mobile number.

Step 5: This step entails providing Company Details. You will be required to provide the following details: 

  • Company Name/License Holder Name
  • Registration Number 
  • Registered Address
  • Name of Partners/ Directors
  • Bidder Type (Indian or Foreign) 
  • City
  • State (select from the drop-down box)
  • Postal Code 
  • PAN/TAN Number (In case of no PAN/TAN, enter ‘TEMPZ9999Z’ instead)
  • Establishment Year 
  • Nature of Business 
  • Legal Status (Limited Company, Undertaking, Joint Venture, Partnership or other)
  • Company Category (MSME, Ancillary Unit, etc.)

Step 6: Here, you need to provide contact details of your company’s contact person) which will include name, date of birth (in DDMMYYYY format), designation and phone number. 

Once you’ve entered all the aforementioned details, verify once and finally click on ‘Submit’. This will be the first step towards your Delhi Tender Bidder Enrollment process. Further, you’ll be provided with a certain reference number that you must keep with you for future correspondence.

Now that you know how to start the online bidding process and find the latest Delhi Tenders on the government website as well as on BidAssist’s e Tender Delhi section, let’s move towards the types of tenders, especially e Tender Delhi. 

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Types of Delhi e Tenders

Delhi e Tenders are digital tenders issued by the Delhi government to solicit bids from vendors for goods and services. There are various types of tenders when it comes to an e Tender Delhi. These can be: 

CPWD e tender, Delhi Jal Board Tenders, PWD Tenders, etc. 

When talking of a more generic approach towards classifying a tender, there broadly five different types of tenders, viz. open tender, restricted tender, competitive tender, single-source tender and limited tender. 

While open tenders are open to all bidders, restricted tenders are only accessible to certain predetermined bidders. Further, competitive tenders involve a bidding process where multiple bidders compete for the contract for which a well-written bid proposal must be in place. Single-source tenders involve one bidder being chosen without any competition. Lastly, limited tenders require a shortlisting process before the final selection is made.

Now, let’s talk about how to find an e Tender Delhi on BidAssist for a hassle free experience. 

How to Find an e Tender Delhi?

Firstly, you must log into BidAssist by simply clicking the “Sign In” at the top-right corner of the page where your mobile number will be needed. An OTP will be sent to you, enter that in the space provided and you’d be logged in. 

Further, simply type e Tender Delhi, Delhi tender or just Delhi in the ‘Search Box’ and hit the search button. Now suppose you’re looking for specific tenders, say CPWD e tender, you might want to type the exact keyword in the search box. As you get a list of all the active CPWD e tender in e Tender Delhi category, browse through and follow a tender of your choice. To follow, all you need to do is click the ‘heart’ icon next to your selected e tender Delhi. This way you will get all the important updates and notifications regarding the tender of your choice, along with the last date to apply reminders. 

All said, if you’re a contractor looking for government contracts to land in your basket, it is important to enroll yourself as a bidder on the Delhi Government’s eProcurement Portal. Once you’re through with that, you can kickstart your search for all the active Delhi tenders on BidAssist which provides a simple-to-use and simpler-to-understand user interface with a fast loading speed. 

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