Microsoft Project alternatives

We all know Microsoft Project as very powerful software for project management. But amongst the many, Microsoft is not the best choice. In this article, we will take a look at the 5 best Microsoft Project alternatives. You can also download a free trial version of these programs to make a better decision.

Let us check out some of those options:

  • Teamhood:

Teamhood is an online web-based tool that has all the features of Microsoft Project. It’s user-friendly and easily available for users. It is a cloud-based application so any changes made to the file will be automatically updated on all connected systems. It is a very user-friendly Microsoft Project alternative that allows users to manage their projects with ease.

This application provides an excellent Gantt chart, resource management tools, Task delegation, Scheduling optimization Reports. One of its best features is the time tracker. Teamhood has free and paid plans for users.

  1. ClarizenOne:

Clarizen is one of the best Microsoft Project alternatives that provide a great interface and easy-to-understand features. It is helpful for project managers of all levels.

This application has extensive resources, an advanced task management system, and risk analysis reports. It also has a task delegation option that helps managers to assign their tasks to other team members. This application also provides the option to create, edit and delete new tasks. You can also edit resources and task duration, resources can be assigned to multiple tasks. This application has various features for both small projects as well as large projects.

  1. Redmine:

Redmine is a robust and flexible project management and issue tracking tool that provides all those features that Microsoft Project has. It is open-source software, available for free. It has an open architecture with customizable features. This application has a great interface that is available in various languages. The best thing about this application is that users can add new features with ease. This application is used widely amongst various project management teams.

  1. Agantty:
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It has a simple interface that makes it easy to understand even for first-time users. This tool is very easy to use and navigate. It allows users to create their own custom-made reports for a more accurate analysis of the project. Agantty also provides a mobile version of the tool so that users can manage their projects anywhere and at any time. This application has an in-built Gantt chart and it is very informative and easy to use.

  1. Planner:

Planner is a very simple task management tool that visualizes tasks on a Kanban board. This tool is available as a desktop application, and it is very easy to use. It helps the user to keep track of the tasks that are assigned to them, and it helps in the visualization of the tasks. It is very helpful for project managers that need to manage tasks of multiple projects. This application has a very simple interface. You can add tasks, reorder tasks and prioritize them. The free version of this application is good enough to use for project management purposes.

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