Lawfirm SEO Strategies: A Deep Dive with Actionable Results

The premise of search engine optimization (SEO) is simple: when you maximize the visibility of your website online with the help of proven techniques to rise in search engine results, the greater your audience reach will be. When you are on top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), you gain more traffic to your site and attract more prospects. With the help of agencies like Local SEO Search Inc. formulating techniques and plans, you can reach the top-ranking spot in Google.

SEO is an essential investment for law firms, especially since the legal space becoming competitive. To get started with your digital marketing journey, you need to first understand what a law firm SEO strategy entails.

What is a Law Firm SEO Strategy?

Creating a comprehensive SEO strategy for law firms is crucial for attracting the right clients. It also plays an important role in creating content that will engage and convert your audience. A significant number of Internet users would never scroll past the first page of search results (SERPs). Having a robust law firm SEO strategy and blogger outreach service is beneficial in these ways:

  • In boosting organic traffic to your website
  • Increasing foot traffic in your law firm
  • Improving your return of investment
  • Generating more leads
  • Giving your site a competitive edge in the legal industry

Factors that Affect Your Website’s Ranking

Google has been working to return the most accurate, authoritative, and credible information to its users. It ensures that search results and updates are done regularly to increase the accuracy of search results. A website for a personal injury lawyer in Mississauga will be assessed using a large variety of factors. Together with Local SEO Search Inc., consider improving on these strategies:

  • Content

This refers to any written, audio, video, and other forms of content optimized and published on a business website. Like other practices, law firms should create original and informative content that engages your readers from start to finish. It must be optimized for Google’s key ranking factor. The key to producing this content is to keep tabs on important events, so you come up with relevant, keyword-optimized, informative, easy-to-read content, and shareable materials.

Consistently publish valuable content to create a perception of legal matters. Increase website traffic and gain new clients by investing in producing credible articles, videos, podcasts, and others.

  • Hyperlinks and Link Building

Also referred to as backlinks, hyperlinks are used to calculate a web page’s PageRank – the algorithm used by Google to evaluate a web page’s perceived value.

The impact and value of hyperlinks have changed since Google’s inception. However, the truth remains that getting reputable, high-quality backlinks can benefit your law firm. A good link has these qualities:

  • Quality – the source website has a high PageRank
  • Relevance – the website is related to your niche
  • Quantity – the number of relevant links that your website receives
  • RankBrain

This Google’s machine learning algorithm is designed to predict user intent if a person searches for a particular keyword. For example, a user looks for Accounting for Law Inc., part of the algorithm assesses the meaning of the words before displaying the appropriate results.

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For RankBrain to put your website on a high page rank, you need to remember these factors:

  • Organic Click Through Rate (CTR) – When a page gets more clicks, it improves Google rankings for the main target keyword of the page.
  • Bounce Rate – If users turn up on a page and quickly clicks away, the page content is deemed insufficient in terms of quality or content.
  • Direct/Repeat Traffic to Website – The browser informs Google of the number of times a person visits a site. The higher the volume of direct traffic or repeat traffic, the more that you will get better rankings.
  • Dwell Time – This is the length of time that a visitor spends on your site pages. The longer they stay, the better it indicates high-quality content.
  • The Number of Comments – When there are numerous comments on your posts, Google will interpret it as user interaction.
  • Page Experience

The core web vitals or page experience of users are very important. Google has pointed out in May 2021 that the best user experiences that ensure quality information are given utmost importance. The three core web vitals are:

  • Loading (Largest Content Paint) – This measures the amount of time it takes for the main page content to load.
  • Interactivity (First Input Delay) – This refers to the time between when a user first interacts with a page element and when the browser is able to process it.
  • Visual stability (Cumulative Layout Shift) – This measures the visual stability of a web page where there are fewer distractions to the user experience.
  • Page-Level Factors (Onsite Optimization)

Also known as onsite optimization, page-level optimization is one of the main ranking factors. This refers to how well the text and media of the page are optimized for the search engine to crawl and rank. Some of the key items of on-page optimization are:

  • Meta title
  • URL
  • H1 tag
  • Long-form content
  • Image file name Alt attribute
  • H2 tags
  • Multimedia and infographics
  • Questions and reviews
  • Domain Factors

A series of domain factors can also affect your Google rankings even if these are generally to a lesser degree than the other factors above. Some of the domain factors and their impact on your rankings are:

  • Domain Age – The older the website, the better.
  • Keyword Usage in a Top-Level Domain or Sub-Domain – This indicates relevancy and is effective if used as the first word in a domain.
  • Domain Authority – The pages of an authoritative domain rank higher than lower-authority ones.
  • Domain Registration Length – Domains that expire far into the future are a good indication of legitimacy.
  • Domain History – A checkered domain history with frequent ranking drops are deemed a problem by Google

A law firm needs to compete in the digital world. With the help of a dependable digital marketing firm like Local SEO Search Inc., you can form and execute strategies that can improve your Google page rank.

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