Laundry Locker – Features, Working and Applications 

The laundry industry is fast changing to meet customer requirements for fast, convenient, and secure service. The Dongcheng Electronic laundry locker can be connected to different mobile payment systems to facilitate payments by app, WeChat, Alipay, or other online payment options. 

The biggest advantage of the smart laundry lockers is that they can be installed anywhere, including outdoor venues where customers can easily access them day or night. This is a great convenient for people who are busy and unavailable when laundries are open. It solves a significant challenge faced by both cleaners and clothes owners regarding depositing and collecting items.

Smart laundry lockers form the perfect solution for laundries and launderettes. Customers can drop off their dirty clothes for cleaning at any time and pick them up at their convenience, no matter the day or hour. Equally, laundry lockers offer businesses in the clothes washing industry an opportunity to expand their customer base and profitability as orders can be handled 24/7.

Laundry Locker Specs and Features

The laundry locker has a touch screen, QR code scanner, card reader, monitoring system, and other intelligent management and control components. They are designed for security, durability as they can even be used in open spaces.

Other specs include the following:

  • Touch screen operation
  • Voice prompts enabled
  • Supports swipe card identification
  • Bar code scanning reading
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Equipped with LED light inside the locker

 The Locker Workflow

The Dongcheng laundry locker workflow entails several components. The user logs in to store dirty clothes, which are to be picked up by a laundry worker or courier after receiving the laundry deposit notification. The courier or laundry worker then picks up the laundry after login in. The items are then taken for cleaning and laundry. The courier/laundry staff will then deliver clean clothes to the laundry locker. 

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The owner or user of the clothing items will get a notice or pick-up code that the items have been delivered. They will then log in to pick up the cleaned items. The user will scan the code at the laundry locker or manually input the pickup code to access the items. The code can also be integrated with the mobile app.

Actual storage steps:

  1. Log in and deposit dirty clothes
  2. Clothes taken for cleaning
  3. Customer informed/notified of cleaned items


Retrieval steps:

  1. Receive a notification to pick up cleaned clothes
  2. Pay via the agreed method
  3. Take your items.


Applicable Areas where Laundry Locker can be Installed

The Dongcheng laundry locker can be used in different situations, including but not limited to the following.

  • Cities and urban centers
  • Laundry room
  • Universities and learning institutions
  • Communities
  • Business enterprises and industrial parks.

Dongcheng Electronic is a reputable provider of smart locker products that can be used in various settings for both business and customer convenience. Dongcheng Electronic products are backed by a strong customer support team that is always ready to respond to your queries. The laundry lockers from Dongcheng are durable, safe, and cost-effective.

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