Impact of the Upcoming Ring Road and M2 Motorway on Capital Smart City-Update 2022


The impact of the ring road and M2 interchange on the real estate sector will be marvelous in general. Moreover, the investors find it easier because it increases the connectivity of the adjacent other popular destinations. Furthermore, the residents will also have a facility to enjoy a serene and clean environment. Therefore, one can claim that the ring road would have some positive impact on the living circumstances of the residents and the real estate investors. Moreover, it would also have a significant effect on the silver city housing society as it has increased the accessibility of this housing project.

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is a modern housing project is located in the surrounding Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, the housing project is notable for its ideal location. It lies at the center of the M2-Motorway, which makes it a suitable real estate investment for the people of twin cities. Another significant aspect of this housing project is the payment plan, which is highly reasonable with a yearly installment plan. The installment plan would further ease the economic burden for investors from different socio-economic backgrounds.

Impact of M2 New Interchange on Capital Smart City

Ever since the inauguration of New Islamabad International Airport, it has gained more publicity through different new outlets. Above all, people have made much measure of hypotheses on what effect it has on real estate. Thus, the drive behind this eagerness is the advancement of the lifestyle, which would make life more helpful for the occupants. Notably, before the inauguration of the new Islamabad airport, real estate in the neighboring societies saw some severe boom in prices. However, after the inauguration, prices did not increase as steeply.

Impact of Ring Road Rawalpindi

The ring road Rawalpindi is designed to transform the future of the residents of twin cities alongside the real estate investors. Moreover, now the ring road is being constructed to offer facilities to the public. Furthermore, it has been due for a long time due to several political and economic concerns. As it is known, the bigger plan is to manage the entire traffic flow. Several housing projects like the Blue World City Islamabad, and Kingdom valley, have access to this route. Overall, the entire length of the ring road is more than 38 km long. It initiates from the Channi Sher Alam Bridge to Thallian Interchange near M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. Furthermore, there are almost eight interchanges in this route, and there are numerous commercial and residential areas on both sides of the ring road. Therefore, it is a significant development facilitating the twin cities’ residents. 

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Following are some of the essential effects of the ring road on Capital Smart City.

Efficiently Managed flow of traffic

The first and foremost vital aspect of ring road is better management of the surrounding traffic. Moreover, the capital smart city is in the route that benefits from its location and facilities. Moreover, the real estate investors and the residents in the surroundings would find this facility easing their day-to-day life cores. Capital Smart City and other housing projects are also under construction in the adjacent areas, and they all would benefit from this route.  

Increase in Real Estate Investment

The ring road would encourage the project developers and the real estate investors to work on more real estate projects in its surroundings. Furthermore, the investors would even benefit from this excellent opportunity to generate more financial benefits. Along with that, the residents would also have numerous options for real estate investment. However, the capital smart city might require some more economic assistance.

More Accessible Housing Scheme

The ring road has almost eight interchanges in the CPEC route. Furthermore, this housing project is now more accessible from numerous adjacent sites. Apart from that, it would also help the residents and the real estate investors of this housing project to have a better and more smooth area. Therefore, it is essential for all real estate investors and residents.


The impact of the ring road and M2 Interchange on the Capital Smart City is estimated to be positive. Moreover, it is one of the best residential schemes in Islamabad. Moreover, all the other housing projects would benefit from this as they would get more attraction from the investors. Secondly, this housing project would be accessible from the significant sites, i.e., the Airport or CPEC route of the surrounding. Above all, the ring road would help the real estate investors and the inhabitants to have a high-quality living lifestyle. Finally, to know further information about the ring road project and Motorway, investors must discuss with the real estate professionals of Estate Land Marketing.

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