How To Throw a Memorable Virtual Party For Your Friends – 5 Fun Activities

It has been too long since we haven’t seen all our friends together in one place. People miss celebrating birthdays and important milestones due to the pandemic and the regulations of social distancing. However, this should not be the reason why we are not seeing each other as we used to. Online chat and video rooms are at our disposal so we should take advantage of online gatherings. Besides formal business online meeting platforms, developers have been listening to requests and creating various interesting virtual event platforms. 

Before jumping to party ideas, let’s focus our attention on organization and making the party unforgettable. Planning every detail leaves no place for mistakes or the excitement to drop. Firstly, create a guest list and set a date. Make sure everyone RSVPs and suggest a reminder when you get closer to the date. If you have someone from the group who is not so tech-savvy, make sure they know how to join the platform of your choice and try to pick the user-friendly one. Another important step is to hype people up. Create a group chat and send each other memes and funny videos related to the upcoming party so you are all pumped up for the day. Now let’s take a look at the most interesting activities for your virtual party that will make your guests want another one soon after.

Cocktail Night

Sometimes we just need a moment with our loved ones to chat and catch up. A round of cocktails goes well with a laid-back atmosphere. Plan a cocktail menu and start making your drink of choice. Pick a recipe that is easy to follow and has accessible ingredients such as Aperol Spritz or Mojito. If it is difficult to find everything you need for the drink, people will lose interest. Also, it is even better to set the mood to have the best experience. Create and send a playlist for some jazz or electro music in the background, depending on the theme. 

Book Club

There is nothing better than finishing an exciting book and sharing your thoughts with other bookworms. If you and your friends enjoy reading, then a book club event is perfect for you. Pick a book no one has read yet but make it a page-turner. Whether it’s a classic or a new release, it’s better if it gets more exciting towards the end. An action-packed book will create discussion and open many topics to talk about. Prepare questions for each other and make a poll for your next virtual book club.

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Casino Night

If your friends are experts in how to win at slots then this means you are all about casino nights out. Due to lockdown, many venues have been closed and you have been missing the excitement and the casino atmosphere. This, however, is no longer an issue because you can have your own casino party at home. You can organize a slot tournament and compete with your pals virtually. Let’s not forget the theme of the party because it will complete the whole casino story. You can dress up for a James Bond vibe or add a bit of the Roaring 20s glamor.

Trivia Night

Test your general knowledge with a quiz on various topics. If it is a small friend group, you can play individually but if there are many of you, group people into teams and start playing. You can go with already prepared questions or customize your trivia according to your interest. If all of you are movie buffs then create a personalized trivia on cinematography. The list is endless and the night is guaranteed for success. Time will pass quickly and soon you will be planning another trivia gathering.

Guilty Pleasure Song Marathon

If you think you’re the only one jamming to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ or ‘Genie In A Bottle’, well, you are absolutely wrong. The love for old hits should be honored with a virtual song marathon and all your friends will undoubtedly love the idea. Music brings back memories and you’ll be having the best time going through the playlist of our childhood. It is more fun if you assign each friend to make their own list. They may dig up songs you haven’t thought about and that element of surprise is priceless.


These five ideas are just a few examples of how you can turn a regular meet-up into an extraordinary night. The key to a successful gathering is good organization and enthusiasm. Make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the activities you have planned and remind them when the date gets closer. Being far away from your friends doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch. 

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