How To Take Care Of Your Shoes?

Shoes form an essential part of your outfit! Therefore, taking care of womens shoes should be an integral part of managing apparel. It is this effort that separates your tired shoes from long-lasting ones. 

So, investing your time in maintaining your boots and shoes goes a long way – having awe-worthy footwear and saving some bucks along the way. Here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure your footwear is clean and always up for a day out. Read on.

Shoe trees and shoe horns

The best practice, to begin with, is to put your shoes in solid shoe trees! You can use these shoe trees for both men’s and women’s shoes – high heels or boots. Shoe trees help expel moisture – sweat or rain – and ensure that the shoe’s shape is maintained. 

Moreover, you can also make use of shoe horns to preserve the shoe shape (quarter and counter). These are the shoe parts that are present around the heel. Plus, you could purchase these shoe horns for a price below a dollar, which makes them affordable as well.


It would be great if you aimed to have your closet floor set aside for your shoes. Shoes organised together in a shoe rack will ensure they are far off from any extra abuse. Additionally, you could use shoe boxes or bags to store your favourite footwear.


The next step to ensure your shoes are clean and well-maintained is to wipe them regularly! Cleaning shoes helps remove the extra dirt and dust and keep those marks away. 

You can get the required cleaning supplies and work through the process yourself. Alternatively, you can also contact/get in touch with your nearest cleaners to help you do so.

Be mindful of where you wear them

Ensuring you wear your shoes only when required is an excellent step toward avoiding wear and tear. For instance, you should not step out in dirt and rain and try only to wear rain boots when you do so. 

You can ensure the shoes are far away from wet grass, mud, and puddles – this will help the boots last much longer and expand their life span. 

Another way to take care of your favourite shoes is to ensure that you wear slippers in the house and change them as soon as possible. You should also not drag your feet as you walk because that can wear out your soles faster than you think!

Moreover, it is also suggested not to let others borrow your footwear. Not everyone will be as careful with their shoes, which can cause your boots to break down. 

Apply waterproof

It is best to have waterproof shoes if you live in an area where it rains or snows a lot. If you don’t, you must look at some waterproofing agents to do the same. Moreover, it is also necessary that this process happens periodically. 

You can also contact a good shoe store to know about your options and the best products in the market. 

Wrapping up

Well, that’s a wrap on all things to know when it comes to taking care of shoes. Try following these pointers, and you will mostly be able to last your shoes long enough. Moreover, always be open to replacements and upgrades if there is any issue – doing so will expand the life spans incrementally. 

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