How To Earn A Performing Arts Degree

If you’re looking to pick up essential performance skills, gain invaluable formal training, and immerse yourself within the wonderfully creative community that is the arts community, then look no further than a performing arts degree.

A performing arts bachelor’s degree or enrolling in a bachelor of performing arts is a fantastic way to explore performing arts as a career. With the right dedication, commitment, and a little sprinkle of creativity, a performing arts degree can take you beyond just rehearsals and scripts and become a springboard for your future career in the arts industry.

Why You Need A Performing Arts Degree

Enrolling in a performing arts bachelor’s degree or getting a bachelor of performing arts is one of the best ways you can become a well-trained, professional performer. Learning on the job can take years, whereas, with a degree, you already have all the necessary foundational knowledge and skills and can focus on other areas of the performance.

Many people believe that a performing arts degree limits you to just one corner of performing. However, a performing arts degree can lead to a career in lucrative careers such as theatre management, wardrobe or costume design, lighting or sound design, project managing, and even teaching.

Holding a bachelor of performing arts offers a wide range of diverse career opportunities. With such a diverse set of skills, a performing arts bachelor’s degree could be just the beginning of your dream career pathway.

But the best part of enrolling in a performing art degree is the wonderful arts community and the people that make it. When you enrol in a degree, you surround yourself with other people who are just as passionate about something as you are. The performing arts community is renowned for being a space of inspiration, creativity, and support—what more could you ask for?

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How To Enrol In A Performing Arts Degree

The first step to enrolling in a performing arts program is to see what courses are available and where they are.

Luckily, Australia has some of the best performing arts schools in the industry. Check to see if enrollment is open for a bachelor of performing arts and what the application process requires. Some performing arts schools will require an audition or other form of the application process, which can seem intimidating at first but is a great way to see if a performing arts bachelor’s degree is right for you.

How to earn a performing arts degree

So, you’ve been accepted into your dream bachelor of performing arts degree. What next?

Aside from the ordinary requirements to get a degree, such as showing up to class on time, completing assignments, and practising, performing arts degrees require much more than just pen to paper.

As a performing arts student, you need to put in the same, if not more, effort than you would for any other degree. Studying out of hours, rehearsing with other class members, and even taking the time to attend local productions or screenings all contribute to a good grade. Many performers find that immersing themselves within the creative community helps to improve their skills and build valuable relationships with other performers.

That’s why a performing arts bachelor’s degree is unique—it pushes you beyond just the textbooks and scripts and requires you to study emotions, story-telling, and explore art as a medium.

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