How to Create Videos for Youtube Videos

So, you have plans of making a YouTube video and posting it online, right? Are you sure how to go about this process? Of course, you can use a YouTube video editor for this purpose, but that’s not enough. Fear not; there is help available at hand.

Regardless of whether you are an individual looking to post a video on YouTube just for the sale of fun or a business trying to expand its YouTube video marketing campaign, there are quick and easy steps that will help you with the proposition.

Nevertheless, simply creating plain, simple visuals will not work on YouTube. You need to ensure your videos get the maximum likes, comments, views, and subscribers. This will not be easy.

To create videos that the viewers love, you must master various skills and the patience to go through the steps that will help you grab success at the end of the road. Let’s get through the resources that will help you in making awesome and stunning YouTube videos.

Understand YouTube

Before starting with making videos for YouTube, you must understand why you want to host your visual content on YouTube. Obviously, there might be some reason for you to choose the channel for posting your visual content.

For the uninitiated, YouTube has got a huge and instant international audience. More than 1.3 billion people are into watching YouTube videos on a regular basis. The platform is absolutely free, which is another advantage for the users as they would have to pay to use a less popular platform.

Using YouTube for hosting your videos is quite simple. It only takes a few minutes to post a video, and you can do this even from a smartphone. Users have the option of linking their content and self-promoting the same.

They do not have to pay anything for using the platform as a commercial space. The platform also comes with massive bandwidth potentials. This means it has got the ability to handle a huge amount of traffic on a single video.

There’s no limit to making videos for YouTube. Businesses looking to market their products and services on a very wide scale can continue making videos as long as they want. And yes, there’s instant viewer feedback also available, giving individuals and businesses the scope of improving their content.

Last but not least, the simple navigation features of YouTube make it very easy for the users to post videos and the viewers to watch the same.

Proper Planning Is Important

Whether you are into making tech tutorials or blogs, planning your visual content can help them perform better on the platform. To start with, it is completely upon you to decide on the level of planning you would like to go for.

For example, some YouTubers do not have a very good idea about what they are looking to convey through their videos, while others work by a script. Where you place yourself on this spectrum is not something that really matters.

You simply need to pay attention to knowing the best practices for scripting, outlining, and planning your visual content on YouTube. Most importantly, you must plan the first 15 seconds of your content.

This is important because the majority of the viewers decide to stay or leave the piece depending on what they get to see in the first 15 seconds of the video. Hence, no matter how little or how much you have planned your shoot, ensure mapping out the first 15 seconds of the content.

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The best practice here is to include a hook to get the viewers excited about your upcoming content. Now hooks can be almost anything that has the ability to grab the attention of the viewers.

It can be a short summary of your content, any attention-grabbing phrase, a teaser of what the viewers are about to see, or any attractive visual.

Careful Outlining Also Works

There is nothing worse than recording a video only to realize that you have completely forgotten to mention something really important. Now, what do you do? There’s no way out of this blunder.

This is the reason why it is always very important to outline everything you will be presenting in your video. Jot down all key points before starting the shoot. Of course, everybody has a general idea of what they are looking to cover in their video, but it’s always important to use an outline or script.

If you fail to do so, you must remain prepared to see your video struggling with engagement and audience retention. Hence, it always works to outline three to four important points you are looking to cover. Create a crisp final video using a YouTube video editor and increase its watch time by about 61%.

Consider the Type of Video You Will Be Making

This requires a bit of initial research to find out what type of visual content works best on YouTube. And, of course, the style of your visual should perfectly match your brand. For instance, if yours is a fun and lighthearted brand, making a comedy video will be the best bet for you.

In the same way, if you are dealing with a serious and dark brand, comedy might not be the right video subject for you. You must have a clear understanding of the type of videos that work on YouTube.

The most classic varieties of videos brands can produce for YouTube are the 15-30 second commercials known as spot. These videos have been very popular and prevalent for years. Then there are video series updated on a regular basis.

Such videos feature hosts speaking on specific subjects. These videos are generally 10 minutes long and are the perfect fit for brands looking to showcase the professionals of their companies with charismatic personalities.

Tutorials also perform well on YouTube but specifically for the brands and businesses or even individuals who have life-hacks, special skills, or other useful matters to deliver to the audiences.

Small businesses can use tutorials to offer tidbits of their expertise. The slideshow-style videos that are filled with visuals and images also work great on YouTube. They feature voice-over narration, music, and different sound effects.


Regardless of the type of video, you are looking to make for YouTube, using a YouTube video editor will definitely help you grab success with this endeavor. It’s just that you need to be careful in using the features of these tools even without having a special editing skillset.

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