Guide to Basics of Batteries and How To Choose One For Your Laptop

In your day-to-day life, you must have come across a battery. A battery is an essential thing. You may have used batteries in wall clocks, smoke detectors, cars, and other vehicles.

Batteries play a crucial role in the field of engineering. They have become an essential energy source. You may also have witnessed the use of batteries in radios, transistors, etc.

With the advancement of technology, batteries have become more powerful and efficient. New varieties of batteries have been introduced that work better and last longer.

Basics of a battery

A battery stores electrical energy. This electrical energy is in the form of chemical energy.

Electrochemical reactions help convert this stored chemical energy into DC electric energy. An Italian physicist named Alessandro Volta invented a battery in 1800.

The electrochemical reaction that takes place in batteries involves electron transfer from one electrode to another electrode by the use of an electric current.

Types of Batteries

We can classify batteries into two broad categories. They are primary batteries that are non-rechargeable and secondary batteries that are rechargeable. Each type can further be categorized into other types of batteries.

1) Primary Battery

Primary Batteries are a simple power source. Several portable electronic and electrical devices such as watches, clocks, lights, cameras, and others use primary batteries. 

Since primary batteries are non-rechargeable, they are of the type “use and throw”. You will have to discard primary batteries once they get discharged.

These batteries are lightweight and pocket-friendly. They are small in size and easy to use. Primary batteries require little or no maintenance.

 Most primary batteries used in domestic applications are of the single cell type. They usually come in the shape of a cylinder.

The most common type of primary battery was the zinc-carbon battery. The Zinc/ alkaline manganese batteries later replaced the zinc-carbon batteries as they have long shelf lives.

Cadmium–Mercuric Oxide and Zinc–Mercuric Oxide batteries were also in use. Due to the environmental issues owing to mercury, they had been discarded.

Lithium batteries were later introduced and proved beneficial owing to their high performance and high specific energy.

2) Secondary Batteries

Secondary batteries are rechargeable. You can recharge them electrically once it gets discharged. The electric current can bring the chemical status of these batteries to their initial state. The current is passed in the direction opposite to that in which it got discharged.

There are two ways of using secondary batteries.

  • Secondary batteries are primarily used as devices storing energy connected to an energy source that charges and supplies energy to it. These batteries are Uninterrupted Power Supplies and Hybrid Electric Vehicles.
  • There are secondary batteries which are like primary batteries. Recharge of the batteries happens through a charging mechanism once the energy gets discharged. You can use these batteries in modern vehicles such as laptops, mobiles, etc.

Two old secondary batteries are Lead – Acid batteries and Nickel – Cadmium batteries.

 Lead-Acid batteries evolved in the 1850s. They are commonly used and based on Lead- Lead Dioxide. The electrolyte used in these batteries was Sulfuric Acid. Automotive industries use these batteries. They are the least costly secondary batteries.

Lead-Acid batteries come in various voltage ranges and different sizes and shapes and have varied applications. They have a high electrical efficiency of around 75 to 80 percent.

 Nickel-Cadmium batteries use Nickel Oxide (Nickel Oxyhydroxide)  Cadmium as the positive and negative electrodes. A Nickel-Cadmium battery uses Potassium Hydroxide as the electrolyte.

Nickel-Cadmium batteries last for a long time and are sturdy. If you put them for recharge when the energy has been discharged partially, it leads to losing their capacity gradually.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries are popularly in use in the aerospace industry. These batteries have a high specific energy. You may use them in portable electronics.

Lithium-ion batteries are also widely in use in electronic devices such as laptops, mobiles, desktops, etc. They have long cycle life, high specific energy, and a slow energy discharge rate.

Applications of batteries

In the last few years, batteries have become immensely important in various applications.

Several appliances are now using the small primary non-rechargeable batteries. Secondary batteries are used in various other fields.

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Some applications of batteries include the following: –

1.Portable Electronic Devices:

 Batteries find their use in various portable electronic devices. Devices such as cameras, flashlights, and others use batteries.

 Batteries play a significant role in watches, Mobile Phones, Calculators, Laptops, etc. Most electronic devices that people use in their daily lives need batteries.

In laboratories, some testing tools and equipment work with the help of batteries.

2. Entertainment:

Various devices that people use for entertainment have batteries. Radios, television sets, computers, and several other entertainment devices use batteries. Clevo NH70 is a battery that you can use in gaming laptops.

3. Emergency devices:

Batteries are useful in several emergency devices like emergency lights, torches, etc.

4. Medical tools and equipment:

Batteries can be utilized in pacemakers, hearing aids, and other medical tools.

How to choose a battery for your laptop?

Most people use laptops. People belonging to various fields use laptops.  You may witness the use of laptops in medical centers, offices, schools, airports, etc.

For the past few decades, people of all ages have switched to playing games online. Hence, the craze for gaming laptops has increased a lot. Gaming laptops must come with suitable batteries.

The battery life of a gaming laptop makes it apt for gaming.

You must always play games while putting your laptop to charge. On a standard gaming laptop, the battery life allows the user to play games on it for four to five hours at a stretch.

The things you may consider while buying a battery for your laptop, in general, are as follows:

1) Battery model

Consider the battery model if you want to replace your laptop battery. The same companies manufacture batteries for laptop batteries. You need to identify them for the correct replacement laptop battery.

You can get a Clevo NH70 battery for your Clevo NH70 gaming laptop.

2) Battery Voltage

There are four different voltage measurements when it comes to battery state- float voltage, charge voltage, nominal voltage, and discharge voltage. Try to get a battery that has a voltage similar to that of your laptop.

3) Battery Capacity

If you want to buy a battery for your laptop, select it according to the laptop specifications and workload. Consider a battery with a high capacity if you perform heavy jobs on your laptop. A battery with moderate capacity is enough if your workload is not much.

4) Position and Shape of connectors

Connectors are responsible for lining up the battery with the laptop. If the connector is of a different type or has a different shape, the battery will not support the laptop.

5) Chemical Composition of the battery

Check the chemical composition of the battery before getting it for your laptop. It is essential to check if it will support the chemical in the battery.

6) Number of cells

The more the number of cells in the battery, the more will be its capacity. So, see the number of cells in the battery before buying it.

Batteries for Gaming laptops- Clevo NH70: –

There is a growing demand for gaming batteries. Several gaming batteries are available in the market. You may also buy gaming batteries over e-commerce platforms.

One such battery is the Clevo NH70 battery.

Clevo NH70 comes with excellent pixel density. The density is 127.3 pixels for one inch.

Clevo NH70 features a 256 GB storage space which may not be sufficient for the installation of various modern games. The cost of this battery is high.

Its memory of 8 GB can slow down the performance when you do memory-intensive activities. Its life is shorter than its competitors and weighs more.

However, Clevo NH70 features a brilliant screen. Its gaming performance is quite good.

Final words: –

Batteries are essential in our daily lives. They serve various purposes. Different types of batteries are used in various devices.

If you are looking for a laptop battery with moderate performance that supports extraordinary pixel density, get a Clevo NH70 battery for your laptop.

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