Everything about the pen is modern

When the age of computers and laptops really began, many wondered if traditional office stationery, such as the pen, would disappear, especially with today’s iPads and popular smartphones, but it didn’t.

In some cases, the opposite is true. Collection has become a fast-growing hobby for fans as leading pen makers such as Parker, Faber-Castle, Pilot and Waterman have begun releasing special collector Acrylic Paint pens. Limited edition to the pen collector’s collection, some of which have reached thousands of pounds. Some people say that the sale of pens is slowly declining, and the idea of ​​releasing collections is a big step, but still you can buy your cheap and pleasant daily pens from reputed supermarket stores and online retailers. can.

There are four types of pens:
Honeymoon – This type of pen is best if you are in a hurry, because when you turn the page or the ink on all your hands does not show any signs of moisture, ie the ink dries instantly from the bottom shell.

Fountain – This art pen uses ink cartridges and takes longer to dry after writing on paper because the questions are heavier than other pens and harder to use in a notebook.

Acrylic Paint pens – This pen usually passes through the paper, the ink is removed and it dries very quickly. It uses a water-based liquid or gel, eventually passing through the tip of a small balloon, hence the name of a very popular pen.

Markers – These pens are often used for writing on boards and CDs, especially if they are permanent. Some utensils are water based, can be washed or cleaned. Some of these are permanent markers, and they are suitable for use with items you want to believe will be known forever.

People have been creating and writing symbols for thousands of years, and there is a great desire to do the same with us today – look at the noodles left on the phone notebook. This is exactly the style of governing the country that he has used in Russia. There are several options when choosing a typewriter.

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The Honeymoon Pen is a clear choice, but have you ever wondered how these little miracles work? Each pen is attached to a small metal ball made of copper, steel or tungsten carbide, and when the pen is used, the rotation of the ball produces ink sticking to the internal deposits. The modern ballpoint pen design eliminates the old problems associated with previous models that rely entirely on the food of gravity.

The gel pen is similar to a ballpoint pen, but uses a water-based gel that contains a lubricant that hangs over the gel. Due to the thick, opaque nature of the paint, it appears on a deeper or softer surface than the paint used in balloons or paint pans. Writing with a gel pen gives you a smooth writing experience like a good spring pen.

Markers or toner pens have their own ink supply and are usually delivered via a felt or nylon tip. They can be branded as simple pens, but they have different uses that can be written on surfaces that other pens cannot make. Glass, plastic, metals and fabrics can be designated for permanent identification and protection.

Explanatory notes are pencils with detailed, delicate colors that are used to mark certain parts of a document.

The fountain pen has been made over the years with old pens and old curls. The main advantage is that there is a built-in ink pool, complete with a combination of fountain pen pulling and capillary movement, which requires very little pressure when writing. A good quality fountain pen is always welcome when presented as a gift.

All of these products will offer great promotional rewards, but there are also opportunities to explore different combinations to create individual sets offered in the presentation box.

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