Convenient Gas Station Business Funding in Louisiana Gives You an Edge

The recent hurricane that swept across Louisiana has left a trail of destruction and gas stations are among the worst-affected businesses with shortages that hit many in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. If your gas station is among those that have been affected with unsustainable losses, don’t panic. You can get things in place with fast and easy gas station business funding in Louisiana. Get the repairs done in quick time, get your stock without worrying about how you are going to pay for it and also meet all other operational costs without taking any more stress.  

Businesses everywhere are facing challenges to growth and even sustenance due to the impact of the pandemic. It is not easy to get people to buy stuff even though gas for their automobiles is something indispensable. People would obviously need it if they move out but with falling incomes and social distancing restrictions, not many people move out as they normally do. Most gas stations also have convenience stores that also need to be stocked up for customers other than those who just hop in to buy provisions. You can get easy business loans in Louisiana to procure such stock for your gas station convenience store. 

Struggling to meet gas procurement costs? 

Whether it is gasoline or diesel, your supplies come from companies that have strict payment terms and huge markets with very little competition. If not upfront payments they would at least make sure that there are some guarantees to cover the stock they have supplied to you. 

In the current times, especially in Louisiana and other places on the hurricane path, challenges have increased for businesses two fold – the unrelenting pandemic and destruction caused by the hurricane. In this situation if you are struggling to meet stock procurement costs, just take it easy. You need not think, “Can I ever get business funding near me in Louisiana?”

Meet shortfall in meeting payroll expenses

That kind of desperation can affect people who have experienced rejection of their funding applications to traditional lenders. Just overlook those experiences and look forward to a new beginning because you have access to easy funding from alternative sources of credit that offer a wider choice of options tailored to meet the needs of multiple businesses. 

One major area of concern in any business is meeting the operational costs, especially your payroll expenses. This is one expenditure, which cannot be delayed under any circumstances because it concerns your human resources. If you are facing a cash crunch to meet your payroll expenses you can always access working capital funding in Louisiana. 

Need funding for the convenience store in your gas station? 

The convenience store in any gas station is a major source of revenue and a very important value addition that is now considered an indispensable part of a gas station. So much so, that many customers won’t even think of pulling up in your gas station if you don’t have a convenience store. 

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The next important thing to realize is that like any other convenience store, you must also have sufficient stock on your store at all times and that requires cash in hand. If you happen to run short of cash to meet stock procurement costs, you can always look forward to a reputable and reliable lender like Alternative Funding Group. Please visit for more information.  

Run Gas Business:


Make sure that your gas station meets the required local, state and federal requirements. Contact the regional Occupational Safety & Health Administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency offices in your area for compliance assistance. Provide the officials with accurate information about your gas station so that they can better assist you.



Establish your hours of operation and open promptly at the chosen time. Avoid opening late as this will deter regular customers to your location.



Hire punctual and reliable employees. Schedule your shifts to provide ample coverage for the station’s customer traffic. Create the schedule so that there is a responsible manager working during each shift.



Take inventory regularly. Inventory your station’s tank amounts, as well as all counter-vendor sales, such as cigarettes, lottery and money orders. Inventory these items at the end of each shift.



Run cash register reports at the end of each shift. Count the money in the drawer, including all change. Match the totals on the report to the cash receipts and drawer to ensure accuracy.



Take note of the shift totals on a ledger. Run comprehensive reports at the end of each day for the gasoline tanks, sales inventory and register receipts. Verify your totals and enter all sales totals into your ledger. Indicate any losses and shrinkage amounts. Deposit the gas station’s cash daily.



Promote the safety of your employees. Require cash register employees to keep only small amounts of cash in their registers. Install a drop-safe under the cash register to provide an easy and safe location for employees to drop excessive cash. Clear the drop-safes at the end of each shift and include the excess cash in the daily bank deposit.



Install shatter-proof glass, security systems and security cameras to protect the safety of your employees and customers. Consider electronic door systems for 24-hour gas stations in less secure areas. Establish relationships with the local police authorities. Ask authorities to make regular visits to the station to help ensure safety.



Place orders for inventory in a timely fashion to ensure that the gas station is always stocked appropriately. Consider your vendor’s processing time and delivery methods when preparing your orders. Check each delivery for accuracy at the time of arrival. Report any inaccuracies immediately to the vendor so that timely corrections can be made.

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