All That You Need to Know About Sneeze Guards

As a result of the widespread Coronavirus, face masks, hand sanitizers, face shields have become the norm of the day. Another piece of equipment that has gained visibility is the sneeze guards. They may appear to be gross and germy, but they are an effective way to prevent the spread of viruses. After reading this article, be ready to nurture a newfound appreciation for these Plexiglas or plastic barriers!

A sneeze guard is a protective shield made of Plexiglas or acrylic that keeps bacteria and viruses from spreading. It works by preventing saliva or spray from leaving a person’s nose or mouth and infecting other areas.

Sneeze guards are now back in demand due to the rising Covid situation.  These shields are now being witnesses at cash registers, banking institutions, and, of course, doctor’s offices.

The places you are most likely to find them

A sneeze guard is used to isolate customers from employees. They are an excellent way to reduce the risk of spreading germs from one person to another, thereby slowing the spread of viruses such as COVID-19.

Sneeze guards are used at:

  • Bakeries and restaurants
  • Cash counters
  • Reception areas
  • Doctor’s offices and pharmacies
  • Public transportation 
  • Schools
  • Gas stations
  • Gyms and fitness centers

Effectiveness of a sneeze guard

A sneeze guard is effective and functions similarly to a face mask. They prevent saliva and spray from your mouth and nose from dropping on other surfaces and people. These shields provide yet another line of defense against infectious viruses such as Covid-19. The key to controlling the spread of the virus is to control the process. Sneeze guards are helpful because one germ can replicate into more than 8 million in a day. They aid in the containment of germs and bars bacteria from landing in an area near another person. Some viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours, which is why it’s crucial to keep germs from spreading too quickly.

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The material used to make them

For manufacturing a sneeze guard, usually, Plexiglas or acrylic are used due to their durable and water-resistant nature. They are also affordable and easy to install. In general, Plexiglas is cheaper than acrylic because it involves a budget-friendly manufacturing process.  

Types of sneeze guards and their size

There are two types of guards available in the market – 

a) Hanging (opt for it if you want your space to be clutter-free.)

b) Standing (As per your requirement, select a permanent or a temporary standing guard.)

And if you are not sure what size would be appropriate for your purpose, following the general trend would be wise. Order a guard that has a height between 6 and 8 feet. This range will assure you that your customers, as well as your employees, are secured.


Now that the virus has started wreaking havoc again, the use of sneeze guards has risen significantly. Many countries cannot afford a complete lockdown as the economy will go downhill. So, the only option remaining is to take every precautionary measure to combat the virus. By installing these guards, you can keep both your employees and customers safe and run the business even during these tough times. 

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