A Review on The Certification of SAFeⓇ for Teams

The SAFeⓇ for Teams certification training course aids one in building the skills required in order to be a high-performing team member of an ART or Agile Release Train and learn the methods of effectively collaborating with other teams. The attendees of SAFeⓇ for Teams certification get prepared for the examination of SAFeⓇ 5 Practitioner in order to get certified with the Teams certification.

Learn About the Course

The SAFeⓇ or Scale Agile Framework assists businesses to address the crucial challenges faced during delivering and developing enterprise-class systems and software in the most sustainable and shortest lead time. This online knowledge base is revealed freely and of proven patterns of success for implementing the systems and software of Lean-Agile at an enterprise scale.

The delivery, collaboration and alignment are synchronized by SAFeⓇ for a huge number of Agile teams of Agile. SAFeⓇ is both configurable as well as scalable. It enables every organization or company to adapt to their own needs of the business. By supporting a small-scale solution, the SAFeⓇ for Teams certification employs from fifty to one hundred and twenty-five practitioners, along with complex systems that would need thousands of people.

What are the Benefits of SAFeⓇ for Teams?

The attendees of the course learn the following:

  1. How to perform on an ART or Agile Release Train as a member of a team of Agile
  2. How to work with and integrate other teams on the ART or Agile Release Train
  3. How to improve the processes of Agile Release Train
  4. How to demonstrate value and execute iterations
  5. How to plan PIs or Program Increments
  6. How to plan iteration
  7. How to explain the principles of SAFeⓇ Agile
  8. How to prepare for the examination of SAFeⓇ 5 Practitioner and get certified with SP
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Let us discuss the key features of SAFeⓇ for Teams course

The key features of SAFeⓇ for Teams course are as discussed below:

  1. The training course of certification of SAFeⓇ for Teams includes live online sessions for two days that are conducted by an experienced trainer who has been certified by the provider of SAFeⓇ – the Scaled Agile, Inc.
  2. The candidate has to meet the eligibility criteria in order to take the SP or SAFeⓇ 5 Practitioner examination of certification and then prepare for it.
  3. The online platform of SAFeⓇ for teams training is quite modern
  4. The workbook for the attendee is authorized by Scaled Agile, Inc.
  5. The attendees get membership of one year to the Community Platform of SAFeⓇ, along with gaining access to resources that are exclusive for members, such as advanced notice of upcoming products of SAFeⓇ, guidance presentations, workbooks and webinars.
  6. Once there is the general availability of the SAFeⓇ for teams course, the candidate can only attempt the certification test once.
  7. Upon successful completion of the course and clearing the test of SAFeⓇ 5 Practitioner, the attendee receives the course certification.

Some of the working methods are online practice tests, case studies, practical workshops, discussion, group and multimedia presentations.

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