8 Best Tech Gifts to Buy This Year

8 Best Tech Gifts to Buy This Year

The gift giving season is in full bloom. You probably have a long list of people you want to give something special this year. Choosing the right gift comes with different levels of difficulty. If your friends share the same interest as you, you’ll know what will make them happy. On the other hand, there are probably those people who: a) have everything, b) are totally different than you, c) are into tech and gadgets.

Well, the following list will help you get the perfect gift for friends that easily fall into either one of our three categories. Tech makes our lives easier so make sure to surprise people with something from our list of tech gifts. 

Digital garden kit

This futuristic sounding gift is great for hobby enthusiasts in your close circle of friends. It’s like playing one of those gardening games, but the difference is you’re taking care of plants in real life. You will use an app that informs you of stages of growth, what the plant needs and it will remind you to take care of it. This small indor garden is small enough to be placed on your desk or on the countertop. 

Vanity mirror with led lights

You’ve probably heard that bathroom light is terrible for putting on makeup. The problem here is that the light is spread from the above and it casts a lot of shadow, it’s often yellowish or too bright so a person  might go hard with a number of makeup products. The end result might be shcocking when the person moves away from unnatural light. A vanity mirror with led lights is a perfect solution to this and a great gift for makeup lovers in your life. 

Electric foot warmer

The ski season is finally on. If you want to surprise a ski lover in your life you can get them the solution for their cold feet. This useful gadgets will keep their feet warm while their conquering the slopes. These electric foot warmer soles can be placed inside ski boots without sacrificing on the comfort levels. So, if you have an interior design lover among your people who appreciates the beauty of a gift, besides functionality, a charging stone is a great gift suggestion.

Noise cancelling wireless earbuds

You probably have a friend who compains about the noise in his or hers open office. The solution to their problem with noise and an idea for their gift this holiday season are noise cancelling wireless earbuds. Since this gift is small in size, you can be creative with packaging. You can order one of many festive gift hampers available now and put the earbuds inside. This way the gift will appear larger and come with a number of different goodies inside and they’ll have to dig in to find the main gift. Their problem with noise will be solved and you’ll be the hero of the day. 

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Smart boxing bag

If you have a friend who is always tense and stressed, and could benefit from trying an interesting stress relieving activity, we have a great suggestion. A smart boxing bag will measure every hit, strike and is freestanding, so it won’t take up too much space. A half hour of boxing can burn between 300 and 400 calories. Also, you’ll know every detail of your punches – the speed, the power and the kind of punches you throw. 

The key locator

This one is among the most practical tech gifts and its application is universal, everyone needs it. This tiny gadget is not only for your keys, it can be attached to anything with a loop. If your friend is known for losing their important belongings like keys, wallets, phone, then you can help them track their belongings with ease. This useful gadgets will keep their feet warm while their conquering the slopes.

Smart sleep device

There’s also a smart sleep device that tracks the time you go to sleep, the time you wake up, how peaceful your sleep is or how restful. Google’s smart sleep device measures everything from your behaviour to the temperature and the amount of light in the room. So, if you want to help a friend have better sleep, get them this great device. 

Tech gift for interior design lovers

What is the one piece of tech every person needs? The charger is definitely in the top ten possible answers to this question. But, these don’t come only in black or white plastic, there are also those made in different stone alternatives. So, if you have an interior design lover among your people who appreciates the beauty of a gift, besides functionality, a charging stone is a great gift suggestion. 

We hope you’ll find at least one of these gift suggestions perfect for your loved ones and a great gift for yourself. We should never forget that we deserve a gift from our favourite person as well.


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