3 Things You Need To Know About Vinyl Lettering

Here’s the not-so-discreet secret of marketing: The brand that stands out is the brand that gets results. In the modern world, it is indeed the first impressions that matter, especially as being seen has never been quite so hard. Businesses not only in Australia but around the world have come to see the technological revolution as both a boon and a bane. 

Yes! Modern marketing methodologies have undoubtedly made it easier for companies to project themselves in front of their target audience. But, the fact remains that the same tricks have been made available to just about anyone else in the game. So the question is, what elements can help set you over the edge? What if one was to tell you that vinyl lettering could be one of these elements? 

Push the Promos

People love the idea of a good deal. If your business often runs sales and promotions, you would want to get the word out about them! However, at the same time, one probably wouldn’t want to scramble around to buy giant banners all the time. Why’s that? Well, for one, the cost, and two, the logistical aspect of it.

Vinyl lettering pretty much just requires you to customise a design, place the order, put up the stickers, and take them down once they’ve served their purpose. Now, when one considers a banner, one would have to go back to wherever these banners were placed and take them down after the promotion or event is over. 

This sort of lettering also tends to be quite helpful if your store is already in a premium location, as you can convert your storefront itself into an advertisement! Vinyl graphics paired with custom lettering could exponentially increase your store’s aesthetic charm. 

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Knocks Billboards Out of the Park

Want to get yourself a billboard? Well, that is not a bad idea, as they tend to have a central placement and can indeed put your brand in front of a massive audience. However, it is also no secret that they come with a steep price tag.  

There are countless locations across Australia where you can place some pretty awesome billboards. Still, even the smaller sites could cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 a month. But, when you consider the high-end hyper-premium ones, they could go for over $200,000. 

Vinyl graphics, however, are pretty much guaranteed to cost well under the $1,000 mark. Hence, it becomes apparent quite early in the game that vinyl graphics are indeed the “magic trick” of marketing that is often overlooked. 


Ask yourself this. How often have you gone out of your way to make out what was written on any window display, car wrap advertisement, or lightbox signage? Well, most likely, you have never really gone out of your way to figure out what was written on any of these.

When one puts themselves into the shoes of their audience, they would see that’s precisely why vinyl letters would be of great use. These nifty graphics are weather-resistant, as ice and snow just roll off them. Most of all, they are easily noticeable on walls, tiles, and wooden surfaces.  

A failure to distinguish your brand from the rest could be the final straw when determining its ultimate potential. Vinyl lettering could likely be the pinch of salt you overlooked when you were cooking up a plan to draw more eyeballs to your brand. What’s stopping you from using them? Go ahead, and you’ll notice the difference. 

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