Women in the World of Business

An entrepreneur has to manage several things. A business owner means a lot, be it a small business or an enterprise. Business owners have to handle the executive jobs as well as keep a check on the administrative sections. For any business, success does not only mean profits, success also comes from a good reputation and fame.

Women have shown groundbreaking performances in the business world. Nicole Junkermann, Lynn Good, Zia Mody, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, and others have gained immense fame as businesswomen.

Advantages of women in the world of business: –

1) A diverse workforce is innovative.

 Diversity in culture, age, race, and gender has proved to play a crucial role in the business world. It upholds innovation and creativity. Several renowned businesses have gained immense help through this diversity. Most companies and startups have started to prioritize diversity and prefer offering significant positions to women.

2) Women excel in several fields and are necessary to lead a business.

Knowledge and technical skills make a business successful.  CEOs also look for soft skills to manage the work. Soft skills play a crucial role in the success of any organization.

 Effective communication skills and empathy are difficult to find. Most women uphold these virtues. Hence, women get responsible positions in a company. Apart from these qualities, women have also shown their skills on technical grounds.

When it comes to women entrepreneurs, they can easily uphold their skills and lead their startups successfully.

3) Women in important positions in business companies uphold values and power.

Women have shown their excellence in all fields. However, some companies do not have sufficient female representatives. Any company with a high number of female representatives highlights its value and ethics.

Statistics show that women can effectively bring consumer insight to the company.

Gender-diverse organizations are more likely to show better performances in the market than gender-biased ones.

Importance of Women Entrepreneurs

In this age of advancement, women entrepreneurs play a significant role in the economic development of a country.

You can find women entrepreneurs from different kinds of backgrounds.

Women entrepreneurs have been successful in the creation of new jobs for other women. They have tried to devise different solutions to various management-related issues.  Women have faced several problems in establishing themselves as successful entrepreneurs. Nicole Junkermann, Lynn Good, and several women have left their mark on women’s entrepreneurship.

Nicole Junkermann, Lynn Good, and other women entrepreneurs have proved that women can excel in the business world and create their identity through their business ventures. They have proved to be successful in the way they have handled business ventures. Nicole Junkermann, Lynn Good, and other successful businesswomen have set examples before other women who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

All about Nicole Junkermann

Personal Life and Family

Born on 27th April 1980 to Heinz Junkermann and Ingrid Junkermann, she is around forty-two years old. She is successful in setting her mark in the world of business. Nicole has two siblings Sig Hansen and Norman Hansen.

Nicole’s father was the proprietor of a private bank.

He piloted the bank in Western Europe and Germany. 

Heinz Junkermann also took interest in the commercial world beyond Germany. He played the role of a  managing director in a real estate Company.

In March 2017, Nicole Junkermann got married to Ferdinando Brachetti, who was the first in line belonging to a dynasty of the luxurious Italian oil business.

She gave birth to three lovely children named Stephanie, Erik, and Logan.

 Ugo Brachetti Peretti, her brother-in-law, has been positioned as the Italian oil executive. He also got the position of chairman in the API group.

Her mother-in-law is the first lady in Italy to be a general in the army. She is also the national interpreter of the Red Cross of Italy.

Her sister-in-law, Elsa Brachetti, is a renowned jewelry designer from Italy. She is best known as a philanthropist for designing a piece for Tiffany & Co.

Aims and Career

Nicole Junkermann is a well-known international investor and entrepreneur. She focuses on the identification of opportunities and aims to shatter the stereotypical business modules through the use of technology that is best for the industry.

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Born in Germany, Nicole led a life in London. She has been successful in building a diverse business network all over Asia, the U.S., and Europe.

She has fluency in six different languages.

She has resided in various places all over the continents. Nicole Junkermann has the experience of sitting at both sides of an investment table. She uses this experience to pick up similar innovators in which she can invest.

Nicole Junkermann is the co-founder of Winamax, an online sports and gaming platform. In 2002, she joined Infront Sports & Media.

Nicole has made a lot of contributions to making Infront Sports & Media a top-notch company in sports and media. 

In 2005 she became a patron of one of the largest Chinese sports retail companies.

Nicole Junkermann also has her equity fund on sports and media named United in Sports which she founded in 2007.

In June 2017, Nicole, along with Thoms Dworzak, became the co-chairperson of Magnum Global Ventures.

 In July 2017, she showed an interest in investing in Magnum Global Venture, so that the assets of Magnum Photos are maintained. Matt Hancock assigned Nicole a crucial role in the Healthtech advisory board in the health and care department in November 2018.


Nicole has a relationship with the charity organization of Tate Americas Foundation. It encourages and aids in the function of the Tate Gallery of the UK. She also played a role in erecting JJ collections and supported looming Latinos.

Net Worth

The exact net worth of Nicole Junkermann is not known. However, her net worth ranges from 500 million dollars to 1 billion dollars.

All about Lynn Good

Personal life and family

Lynn Good is CEO, President, and Chairman of Duke Energy, which is a Fortune 500 company. She was born in Ohio and studied at Miami University where she got a BS in Accounting and Systems Analysis.

She spent her childhood at Fairfield in Ohio. Lynn Good’s father was a maths teacher in a school and later became the school principal.

She was an American and aimed to pursue a career in the business world.

Lynn Good has earned enough fame in the business world. Lynn Good is around sixty years old and shows enthusiasm toward her work.

She is married to Brian R. Good, and the couple has three children. They are a happy couple and don’t like to speak much about their personal lives.

Career and professional life

At the beginning of her career, she worked as a utility worker in the Cincinnati-based organization, Cinergy in 2003. She was a partner in two global accounting firms before 2003.

Lynn Good had a long partnership with Arthur Andersen.

After Arthur Andersen’s in 2002, Good began to work as Senior Vice President in the accounting and finance department of Cinergy Corp. In 2005, Lynn Good became the chief financial officer and executive vice president of Cinergy.

 In 2006, when Cinergy merged with Duke Energy, Good became Treasurer and senior vice president.

 She led the commercial business which was unregulated. She also made huge investments in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind facilities.

Under her guidance and direction, Duke Energy has been successfully serving customers and communities. It is progressing on the path to a more sustainable energy future.

Duke Energy is trying to speed up the shift from traditional energies to green energies through the large availability of renewable energy and investing in distribution assets such that both the environment, communities, customers, and investors gain out from it.

Net assets

Her approximate compensation package in Duke Energy was around 16.5 million dollars in 2021. This compensation package was around 142 times the median employee package of the company.

Final words

Nicole Junkermann, Lynn Good, and other popular business entrepreneurs believe in working hard and understanding the need to make well-thought decisions.

If a woman aspires to be a business entrepreneur, she may follow the ideals of these famous businesswomen. She must also use her soft skills and technical skills perfectly to make the best out of her business ventures.

She must also understand how to make sound decisions.

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